Setting Colors for Text and Backgrounds with CSS adding Images to elements Color Value Units

Colors of text and background colors can easily be applied.  Different color values can be used, such as the HEX value of the color, the RGB color value, or the named color value.  Background images can also be set to any page element.   Using a background image, there are properties that can be set to apply images with more specific details.   HEX values are in three parts, just like the RGB color values.  HEX value for 0 is 00, and the highest value of 255 is FF.  Using the hex value you can apply colors to the value. RGB is Red Green Blue colors, with a minimum value of 0 and a max value of 255.  The highest value just like for the HEX values will apply the most of that particular color value. How to Set Colors and Backgrounds with CSS Background images background property example.