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Use the promo code MAR2LEARN on my courses for the next 4 days to get the BEST PRICE POSSIBLE!!! This is the biggest sale ever. BEST SELLER!!! – 4.5 Stars – 26.5 hrs HD video content Google Apps Script Complete Course Beginner to Advanced 4.5 Stars – 32.5 hrs HD video content Google Apps … Read more

Free Guide to learn ChatGPT Quick Start Guide PDF Download

ChatGPT Quick Start Guide Introduction to ChatGPTBrief explanation of what ChatGPT isPurpose of the guideTarget audienceGetting Started with ChatGPTHow to access ChatGPTBasic navigation of the interfaceHow to initiate a conversation with ChatGPTUsing ChatGPTGuidelines for effective communication with ChatGPTUnderstanding ChatGPT’s responsesHow to ask questions or provide prompts to ChatGPTTips for improving the accuracy of ChatGPT’s responsesAdvanced … Read more

JavaScript Coding Tips and Examples

Code JavaScript Examples Use strict mode: Always use strict mode to enforce better coding practices and catch errors early on. You can enable strict mode by adding “use strict” at the beginning of your code. Example: “use strict”; function myFunction() {   x = 10; // This will throw an error in strict mode } Avoid … Read more

What is meant by strict mode in JavaScript and characteristics of JavaScript strict-mode?

In JavaScript, strict mode is a feature that allows developers to place their code into a stricter operating context, which helps prevent certain coding mistakes and makes the code more secure. When strict mode is enabled, the JavaScript interpreter will enforce a stricter set of rules and throw more errors when potential issues arise. Some … Read more

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Fun with JavaScript Quick Coding Exercises to practice and test your skills with JavaScript Code

Learn to Code JavaScript Find the largest number in an array:Check if a string is a palindrome:Calculate the sum of an array:Check if a number is even or odd:Reverse a string:Find the factorial of a number:Write a function to check if a given number is even or odd.Write a function to reverse a string.Write a … Read more

Google Apps Script How to Disable the ability to write to a cell in Sheets with code

You can overwrite the content in a cell, you can’t specifically disable the ability to input into a cell. To disable a cell or row in Google Sheets using Apps Script, you can use the setValues() method to overwrite the content of the cell or row with an empty value or a specific text indicating … Read more

Autocomplete with JavaScript

Autocomplete with JavaScript Provide suggestions from input field – Autocomplete on form field input <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> </head> <body>     <input id=”inputField”>     <div id=”listContainer”></div>     <script>         // Define the pre-populated array of values         const prePopulatedArray = [“Apple”, “Banana”, “Cherry”, “Date”, “Elderberry”, “Fig”, “Grape”];         // Get the input field and list container         const inputField = document.getElementById(“inputField”);         const … Read more

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel Growing a YouTube channel requires a well-planned strategy that takes into account various factors such as content creation, audience engagement, promotion, and optimization. Here is an outline of a YouTube channel strategy that can help you grow your channel: By following these strategies, you can grow your YouTube channel … Read more

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