New Books coming soon Python and Apps Script

Please stay tuned for several new books that I am launching over the month of October. Coming soon, Python Coding for Beginners will be published on Amazon Kindle Coming soon, Google Apps Script for Workspace Users coming to Amazon Kindle soon As always I will provide free codes when the books launch, subscribe to my … Read more

JavaScript Arrays 2 Downloadable Source Code Guides code examples

Clear Array of Duplicates and empty values const arr = [‘Laurence’,’Jack’,’Jane’,”,,,,’Sam’,’Laurence’,’Jack’,’Jane’,”,null,false,undefined,0,’Sam’]; console.log(arr); const arr1 = [… new Set(arr)]; console.log(arr1); const arr2 = arr.filter(Boolean); console.log(arr2); const arr3 = [… new Set(arr.filter(Boolean))]; console.log(arr3); How to loop through an array const arr = [‘Laurence’,’Linda’,’Joe’,’Jane’]; console.log(arr); console.log(‘****FOR’); for(let i=0;i<arr.length;i++){    console.log(arr[i]); } console.log(‘****WHILE’); let i=0; while(i<arr.length){    console.log(arr[i]);    i++; } console.log(‘****ForEach’); … Read more