Free Book Mastering JavaScript 100 Exercises: A Hands-On Guide to Real-World Skills

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How to Load, Draw on, and Save Images with HTML Canvas

In this tutorial, we’ll explore how to build a web application that allows users to load an image into an HTML canvas, draw on it, and then save their masterpiece. This feature is perfect for applications that require user interaction on images, such as photo editing tools, signature apps, and more. What You Will Need … Read more

JavaScript Basics

Laying the Foundation Welcome to the exciting journey of mastering JavaScript through hands-on coding exercises! Before we dive into the exercises themselves, it’s essential to set a strong foundation. This chapter will introduce the core topics and concepts covered in the exercises, ensuring you’re well-prepared to tackle them head-on. We’ll go through the prerequisites, tools … Read more

Basic Arithmetic Operations

Basic Arithmetic Operations Image: Output of Basic Arithmetic Operations into the console Objective: To familiarize the student with basic arithmetic operations in JavaScript and the usage of variables. Topics Covered: Code: // Objective: Perform arithmetic operations and store their results in variables. // 1. Declare two variables, a and b, and assign them values of … Read more

New Book Chapter 1 Unlocking JavaScript Modern Coding: Understanding Code Through Examples and Quizzes

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Dive Deep into JavaScript JSON Mastery

JavaScript JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) 📊 Dive Deep into JavaScript JSON Mastery! 📊 In the world of web and mobile app development, JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) has become an indispensable format for data interchange. Whether you’re fetching data from an API or configuring application settings, understanding JSON is crucial. I’ve put together a collection of … Read more

Unlock the Interactive Web with JavaScript Event Handling

📣 Unlock the Interactive Web with JavaScript Event Handling! 📣 Event handling is the heartbeat of interactive websites, enabling responses to user actions like clicks, keystrokes, and more. Mastering this can transform static pages into engaging, dynamic web experiences. I’ve crafted a collection of exercises focused on JavaScript event handling, ideal for both budding and … Read more

What is JavaScript Introduction to JavaScript Quiz questions

JavaScript is a versatile programming language that enables web developers to enhance the functionality and interactivity of websites. It can be used for client-side page behavior or server-side programming. With JavaScript, developers can create dynamic content, control multimedia, animate images, and much more. Tips for Learning JavaScript: Coding Example: Here’s a basic example of JavaScript … Read more

JavaScript variables and data types

Exercise 1: Declaring Variables Problem: Create three variables: a string named city, a number named population, and a boolean named isCapital. Assign appropriate values to them. Explanation: This exercise helps understand the basic syntax for variable declaration in JavaScript using let or const. Variables are used to store data values. Code: let city = ‘New … Read more

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