getBoundingClientRect Method in JavaScript

The getBoundingClientRect() method in JavaScript returns a DOMRect object that represents the position and size of an element relative to the viewport. The properties of the DOMRect object include coordinates and dimensions, which are often expressed as floating-point numbers (decimal places). The reason getBoundingClientRect() returns decimal values is because it provides sub-pixel accuracy. In modern … Read more

JavaScript Page element with ID auto global object

In JavaScript, when an HTML element has an id attribute defined, it automatically becomes available as a global variable in the DOM (Document Object Model). This means you can directly access that element using its id as a variable without the need for any explicit lookups or queries. For example, if you have an HTML … Read more

How to Serialize Form data with Vanilla JavaScript

You can use the FormData API in JavaScript. Here’s an example of how you can serialize form data: function serializeFormData(form) { var formData = new FormData(form); var serializedData = {}; for (var [name, value] of formData) { if (serializedData[name]) { if (!Array.isArray(serializedData[name])) { serializedData[name] = [serializedData[name]]; } serializedData[name].push(value); } else { serializedData[name] = value; } … Read more

Top 10 Tips to write better JavaScript Code

Using == instead of ===Not using const and letNot using semicolonsNot handling errorsNot using strict modeNot using curly bracesNot using Array.prototype.forEach()Not using const when defining functionsNot using the let keyword in for loopsNot using === or !== with null or undefined Using == instead of === Using == instead of === can lead to unexpected … Read more

Top 10 coding mistakes with JavaScript and how to avoid them

top 10 coding mistakes with JavaScript and how to avoid them:  #javascript #learnjavascript #javascripttutorial #javascriptbeginner #javascriptintermediate #javascriptadvanced #javascripttips #javascripttricks #javascriptcode #javascriptproblems #javascriptchallenges #javascriptdom #javascriptajax #javascriptjquery #javascriptnode #javascriptreact #javascriptangular 1. Not declaring variables. When a variable is not declared, it is considered a global variable. This means that it can be accessed from anywhere in the … Read more

Fun with JavaScript Quick Coding Exercises to practice and test your skills with JavaScript Code

Learn to Code JavaScript Find the largest number in an array:Check if a string is a palindrome:Calculate the sum of an array:Check if a number is even or odd:Reverse a string:Find the factorial of a number:Write a function to check if a given number is even or odd.Write a function to reverse a string.Write a … Read more

Course is NOW Free JavaScript Game for beginners Breakout HTML5 Game

Make a JavaScript Game – Create your first HTML5 Canvas JavaScript web based game from scratch explore how make a game Make your own games online – start with this amazing simple game project creating a Breakout game from scratch Explore how you can write code to create GAMEs – Games that run within any … Read more

5 JavaScript coding Exercises 2

5 JavaScript coding Exercises 2 FizzBuzzPalindrome checkerHangman gameShopping cartTyping speed test FizzBuzz Source code: for (let i = 1; i <= 100; i++) {   if (i % 3 === 0 && i % 5 === 0) {     console.log(‘FizzBuzz’);   } else if (i % 3 === 0) {     console.log(‘Fizz’);   } else if (i % 5 === … Read more

5 fun JavaScript coding exercises

5 JavaScript coding Exercises 1 Reverse a String:FizzBuzz:Palindrome Checker:Random Number Generator:Capitalize the First Letter of Each Word: Reverse a String: Write a function that takes a string as an argument and returns the string in reverse order. For example, if the input string is “hello”, the output should be “olleh”. function reverseString(str) {   return str.split(“”).reverse().join(“”); … Read more

JavaScript BreakOut Game

JavaScript BreakOut Game This code is an HTML file that contains a canvas element with an id of “canvas” and some JavaScript code to create a game of Brick Breaker. The canvas element is used to display the game graphics and the JavaScript code is used to handle user input, move the game elements, and … Read more

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