Google Apps Script Quick Start Guide

Introduction to Google Apps Script Getting Started with Google Apps Script Fundamentals of Google Apps Script Building Custom Functions Apps Script Integrating with Google Services Advanced Topics Google Apps Script Best Practices for Google Apps Script Conclusion Google Apps Script Sample code Google Apps Script and AI #GoogleAppsScript #GAS #GSuite #automation #scripting #webdevelopment #GoogleSheets #GoogleDocs … Read more

50+ Top Frontend Developer Interview Questions with Code and solutions PDF download How many do you know?

FrontEnd Code Examples and Questions What is the difference between HTML and XHTML, and how do you serve them? HTML and XHTML are both markup languages used to create web pages. HTML is more forgiving than XHTML in terms of syntax, whereas XHTML has a more strict syntax. HTML documents are served with the text/html … Read more

JavaScript Coding Examples V3

JavaScript Coding Examples Variables: Arrays: Example : Array Example: Object Objects: Conditional Statements: Functions: Example: Simple Function Example: Conditional Statement String Methods: Ternary Operators: Using if statements: Using the switch statement: Example of switch statements: Using an object to store data: Using a function to define a reusable piece of code: Anonymous Functions: Arrow Functions: … Read more

15 Front-end code interview questions

What is the difference between responsive and adaptive design?  Can you explain what is the box model in CSS and how does it work?  Can you explain the difference between classes and IDs in CSS?  Can you explain what is the CSS float property and how does it work?  Can you explain what is the … Read more

JavaScript lesson Regex Checking for Numbers in the input field

Regex Checking for Numbers in the input field  Check for values that match a Regex pattern in the input field.  Push a button and apply the match checker to return the results in the console.  <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head>   <title>JavaScript Course</title> </head> <body>   <div class=”main”>   <input id=”nums” ><button>Submit</button>   </div>   <script> … Read more

How to create a layout with Flex box easy CSS Layout lesson

Create a 3 column Website layout with CSS flexbox Simple Layout Design Explore how to create a 3 column website that is fully responsive and mobile ready.  Create columns within the main content section, and set up the navigation bar that is responsive with CSS Flexbox.  Modern web design and template with CSS Flexbox. How … Read more

Create a Responsive Website from scratch Quickly and easily use Media Query CSS lesson Free styling

CSS setting Media Query with Final CSS style UpdatesResize and stack columns as rows on screen sizes less than 640px. Add the media query and make adjustments to the look and feel of the website on smaller screens. Test out the styling and preview how it adjusts to different size screens. Use the placeholder content … Read more

Check out these top recommended Web development courses – Limited time offer, HTML CSS JavaScript #webdevelopment #javascript #html #css

Check out these hot courses, new content and in demand skills for Spring 2022! Use the promo code SPRING2022 today, to get the best deal possible! Hurry this is a limited time offer…… Just updated Explore JavaScript DOM – Create Dynamic Web Pages JavaScript DOM for Beginners 2022 Learn how to code JavaScript DOM coding … Read more

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