Google Apps Script Coding Examples FREE PDF Downloadable GUIDE

Google Apps Script Quickstart Code Examples Create a Spreadsheet with rows and columns values from a loop 1Use array data to create a spreadsheet and populate the values 3Apps Script UrlFetchApp Get URL Data and output to Web App 3Populate Spreadsheet data from Web API 4How to send data to an endpoint UrlFetchApp POST JSON … Read more

Learn Google Docs 2022 Google Docs Quick Start Introduction Increase Productivity

Google Docs Quick Tips Do you want to save time and increase your productivity? Increase productivity with Google Docs Learn Google Workspace Explore what can be done with Google Docs The class is designed for beginner Docs users, such as new employees being onboarded to G Suite, or students looking to sharpen their Docs … Read more

Add Date into Google Doc at cursor Google Apps Script Lesson with Source Code

Add Date into Google Doc at cursor Document Apps Script Example function onOpen() {  const ui = DocumentApp.getUi();  ui.createMenu(‘Adv’)  .addItem(‘Add Date’,’adder’)  .addToUi() } function adder(){  const doc = DocumentApp.getActiveDocument();  const cur = doc.getCursor();  if(cur){    const val = new Date();    const temp = Utilities.formatDate(val,”GMT”, “yyyy-MM-dd”)    const ele = cur.insertText(temp);  } }