Laurence Svekis Google Expert at Tepic Mexico

Thank you for having me speak at the event 🙂 Some details and pictures below Laurence Svekis, Google Expert at Tepic GDEs come from diverse backgrounds. They are developers, founders, mothers, activists and much more. What they have in common is that they are passionate professionals with experience in Google technology who enjoy sharing … Read more

Miami DevFest 2023

DevFest Miami 2023Mindspace Wynwood, 2916 North Miami Avenue, Miami, 33127 GDG Miami THE conference for tech enthusiasts in Miami ☀️🏝! This electrifying event is a hub of innovation and inspiration. Immerse yourself in captivating talks, hands-on demos, and cutting-edge workshops, led by renowned Googlers, Google Developer Experts, and industry speakers. DevFest Miami is where dreams … Read more

BC DevFest 2023 by Google Developer Groups Burnaby

BC DevFest 2023 by Google Developer Groups Burnaby hashtag#devfest hashtag#devfest2023 hashtag#gdg hashtag#gde hashtag#workspace hashtag#appscript Thank you for having me as a speaker at devfest 2023 in BC On November 25th 2023 DevFest 2023 by GDG Burnaby 🏔️🍁🌆 🎊Northeastern University in Vancouver, 410 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, V6B 1Z3 GDG Burnaby An immersive summit for visionary … Read more

DevFest Saskatoon 2023 Speaker Laurence Svekis

November 19th 2023, I was invited to be a speaker at DEvFest Saskatoon, over 120+ attendees! Quance Theater, Quance Theater, Education Building Room 1003, University of Saskatchewan 28 Campus Drive, Saskatoon, S7N 0X1 GDG Saskatoon GDG Saskatoon’s Inaugural Tech Conference on November 19th! DevFest is an annual distributed tech conference hosted by the Google … Read more

Toronto Laurence Svekis The Balance of AI and Human Abilities Mental WellBeing AI and Technology Event September 27 2023

September 27 2023 7PM! The presentation “The Balance of AI and Human Abilities” explored the dynamic interplay between artificial intelligence (AI) and human capabilities. It addressed thought-provoking questions about whether we should favor AI’s precision or rely on human instincts in various scenarios, including space exploration. The presentation highlighted the unique strengths of both AI … Read more

Google IO Extended 2023 Toronto Power Up with Google Apps Script Laurence Svekis Live

Google IO Extended 2023, Toronto Google IO Extended Sat, Aug 12, 9:30 AM (EDT) Google Apps Script is a powerful scripting language and development platform that empowers users to extend and customize various Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) applications, such as Google Sheets, Google Docs, Gmail, Google Drive, and more. It offers … Read more

IWD 2023 – Dare To Be Ottawa Laurence Svekis Power Up with Google Apps Script

Power Up with Google Apps Script Celebrate International Women’s Day with a full-day event featuring a Google speaker and Google Developer Experts on topics such as leadership, web technologies, Google Cloud Platform, Firebase, data analytics, machine learning, augmented reality and more. About this event Join us on April 23 from 11 am-2pm for an exciting … Read more

Power Up with Google Apps Script

Introduction to Google Apps Script – why use it: Google Apps Script is a scripting language based on JavaScript that allows users to automate various tasks and workflows within Google Workspace applications. It is a powerful tool for automating repetitive tasks, customizing and extending the functionality of Google Workspace applications, and building lightweight web applications. … Read more