Custom formula that generates a unique invoice number Google Apps Script custom formula

Custom formula that generates a unique invoice number 📜🔢 Generating Invoice Numbers with Google Apps Script 🔢📜 In this video, we dive into a practical example of using Google Apps Script to automate the generation of invoice numbers. The GENERATE_INVOICE_NUMBER() function is a part of a Google Sheets project and serves a crucial role in … Read more

Extracting Domain Name from URLs: A Tutorial

function GET_DOMAIN(url){  let domain = ”;  let matches = url.match(/^https?\:\/\/([^\/?#]+)(?:[\/?#]|$)/i);  if(matches && matches[1]){    domain = matches[1];  }  return domain; } The given code defines a function called GET_DOMAIN that extracts and returns the domain name from a given URL. The domain name represents the network location of a website. The function follows these steps: To … Read more

Convert Values to Roman Numerals in Google Sheets with Custom Formula

Convert a number to its Roman numeral equivalent function TO_ROMAN(num){  if(typeof num !== ‘number’) return NaN;  let roman = ”;  const romanValues = {    M: 1000,    CM: 900,    D: 500,    CD: 400,    C: 100,    XC: 90,    L: 50,    XL: 40,    X: 10,    IX: 9,    V: 5,    IV: 4,    I: 1  };  for(let key in romanValues){ … Read more

Google Sheets: Extract Last Characters from String

Return the last number of characters of a string function LAST_VALS(str,num){  if(num >= str.length){    return str;  }  return str.slice(str.length – num); } The provided code defines a function called LAST_VALS that takes two parameters: str and num. The function returns the last num characters from the str string. Here is a detailed explanation of how … Read more

Calculate the factorial of a given number

The given code consists of two functions: FACTORIALVAL and test1. Let’s break down each function and its purpose: FACTORIALVAL(val): This function calculates the factorial value of a given number val. It first checks if the val is equal to 0. If it is, the function immediately returns 1. This is the base case of the … Read more

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