Automating Google Drive with Apps Script: Check or Create Files in Folders

In today’s digital environment, managing files efficiently can save a lot of time and hassle. Google Apps Script provides a powerful way to automate tasks within Google’s suite of services, including Google Drive. In this blog post, I’ll guide you through creating a simple script that checks if a specific file exists within a Google … Read more

Error handling and debugging in JavaScript

Coding Exercises on JavaScript Error Handling and Debugging Basic try…catch Implementation Task: Write a JavaScript function that attempts to parse a JSON string and uses try…catch to handle any errors that arise. Purpose: Understand how to catch and handle errors gracefully in a controlled manner. Sample Code: function parseJSON(jsonString) {     try {         let jsonObj = … Read more

Learn JavaScript Functions

Coding Exercises on JavaScript Functions Basic Function Definition and Invocation Task: Write a JavaScript function named greet that prints “Hello, World!” to the console. Purpose: Learn how to define and call a simple function. Sample Code: function greet() {     console.log(“Hello, World!”); } greet(); // Function invocation Explanation: This exercise demonstrates the basic structure of a … Read more

Free Book Mastering JavaScript 100 Exercises: A Hands-On Guide to Real-World Skills

Free on Kindle April 3-5th 2024 Get on Kindle US Kindle CAN Dive deep into the world of JavaScript with this comprehensive guide, designed to transform beginners into proficient developers. “Mastering JavaScript 100+ Exercises” is not just another programming book; it’s a practical journey through the vast landscape of JavaScript development, offering over … Read more

JavaScript Asynchronous JavaScript

🕒 Unraveling Asynchronous JavaScript: Dive Into Promises, Async/Await, and Beyond! 🕒 Asynchronous JavaScript is the cornerstone of modern web development, enabling complex operations like data fetching, timer-based actions, and parallel processing without blocking the main thread. To boost our collective journey into this crucial JavaScript feature, I’ve crafted a series of exercises: – Grasp the … Read more

Basic Arithmetic Operations

Basic Arithmetic Operations Image: Output of Basic Arithmetic Operations into the console Objective: To familiarize the student with basic arithmetic operations in JavaScript and the usage of variables. Topics Covered: Code: // Objective: Perform arithmetic operations and store their results in variables. // 1. Declare two variables, a and b, and assign them values of … Read more

 Mastering JavaScript Objects: From Basics to Advanced Techniques

🔍 Mastering JavaScript Objects: From Basics to Advanced Techniques! 🔍 JavaScript objects are more than just collections of value pairs; they’re the core components in understanding and manipulating data in web development. Whether you’re storing user information, configuration settings, or complex data structures, mastering JavaScript objects is essential. I’ve curated a set of exercises designed … Read more

Demystifying Operators in Programming: A Comprehensive Guide

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Unleashing the Power of JavaScript Arrays

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Dive Into the World of JavaScript Loops

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