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Count Cells Function 6Get Sheet Names Function 6Count Rows in Sheet 7Get values from Columns 7Get Column Values by Letter 8Sending Email Reminders 9Send Google Form Confirmations 10Generate Unique ID values 11Deleting Specific Rows 11Sort Sheet Data 12How to send a reminder email 13Add to Sheet new email data 14How to create a PDF from … Read more

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Google Apps Script is a scripting language based on JavaScript that allows users to extend and automate the functionality of various Google services such as Sheets, Docs, Forms, and Gmail. It provides a wide range of services and methods for interacting with Google Apps and allows users to create custom scripts and applications that integrate … Read more

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Google Apps Script Coding Examples #GoogleAppsScript #GAS #GoogleSheets #GoogleDocs #GoogleForms #GoogleDrive #automation #scripting #productivity #cloudcomputing #javascript Send Email using Gmail API function sendEmail() {   var recipient = “”;   var subject = “Test email”;   var body = “This is a test email sent from Google Apps Script”;   GmailApp.sendEmail(recipient, subject, body); } This script uses the GmailApp … Read more

Google Apps Script Code Snippets

Apps Script Coding Examples Creating a Google Calendar Event This example shows how to create a new event on a Google Calendar using Google Apps Script. function createCalendarEvent() {   var calendarId = “your_calendar_id”;   var calendar = CalendarApp.getCalendarById(calendarId);   var event = calendar.createEvent(‘Test Event’, new Date(‘March 10, 2023 09:00:00’), new Date(‘March 10, 2023 10:00:00’)); } Explanation: In … Read more

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Apps Script Coding Examples #GoogleAppsScript #JavaScript #Automation #GAS #GoogleDrive #GoogleSheets #GoogleForms #GoogleCalendar #GoogleSlides #GoogleDocs #GoogleAPIs #GoogleServices #GoogleCloud #GoogleWorkspace #Productivity #Scripting #Programming Creating a Google Calendar Event Extracting Data from a Google Form Creating a Google Slides Presentation Using Google Translate API Copying a Google Drive Folder Adding a Custom Menu to a Google Sheet Converting … Read more

Apps Script Coding Examples

Send Emails Automatically:Custom Emails and HTML optionCreate Google Forms:Creating a custom formGenerate Google Docs:Create and update a Google DocAdd Data to Google Sheets:Create and update a Google SheetAutomate Google Calendar:Add new event to Default Calendar

Apps Script Coding Guide Examples of Apps Script Code

Complete Apps Script Coding Guide 100+ Examples of Apps Script code in Action Free Download Guide #appsScript #workspace #pdf #free #learn #google #sheets #docs #gmail #gdrive #calendar #automation #productivityhacks #coding Email Address and Message From Sheets , This script sends an email to the specified email address with the contents of a cell in a … Read more

Apps Script Coding Examples V3

Apps Script Coding Examples V3 Create a Custom Function to Calculate Fibonacci Sequence: 1 Send Emails to a List of Recipients from Google Sheets: 3 Create a Custom Menu in Google Sheets: 4 Dialog with HTML page contents 5 Automatically Insert the Date in Google Sheets: 7 Custom Log and onEdit Function 8 Create a … Read more

Apps Script Code Examples 2

Apps Script Coding Examples V2 Create a custom function to calculate the average of a range of cells:Custom Sheet FormulaAutomatically send an email reminder based on a specific date:Send email reminder AutomationCreate a custom menu in Google Sheets to run a script:Custom Sheet UI MenuUse the Google Drive API to create a new folder:Create new … Read more

Google Apps Script Mini Coding Lessons Source Code and Examples

Apps Script Coding Examples Sending an email using Gmail service function sendEmail() {   const rep = “”;   const sub = ‘Hello World’;   const message = ‘Hi, Laurence’;   GmailApp.sendEmail(rec, sub, message); } function mySender2() {   const rep = “”;   const sub = ‘Hello World’;   const message = ‘Hi, Laurence’;   MailApp.sendEmail(rep,sub,message); } This script uses the Gmail … Read more

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