Advanced Web Design Challenge Test Your Knowledge

GROW YOUR SKILLS Quiz: Web Design Fundamentals Quiz: Advanced Web Design Challenge Question 1: HTML5 Semantics Which tag is used to define an independent, self-contained content? Question 2: CSS3 Properties Which CSS property is used to create rounded corners? Question 3: JavaScript ES6 What does the const keyword represent? Question 4: Responsive Design Which unit … Read more

Free PDF Guides Over 150 Downloadable Guides Dive Deep into the World of WebDevelopment with this Ultimate PDF Guide Collection

An ultimate collection of PDF guides for web developers includes resources for beginners to advanced levels, covering topics like HTML5, JavaScript, Google Apps Script, web development quizzes, AJAX, JSON, SEO, and more. The treasure trove contains detailed tutorials, practical exercises, and quizzes to enhance coding and web dev skills.

Free 200 Page JavaScript Book – PreRelease PDF copy Learn JavaScript today JavaScript Fundamental Guide to Learning JavaScript

JavaScript Fundamental Guide to Learning JavaScript The book provides a comprehensive journey through the history and foundational concepts of JavaScript, catering to beginners and intermediate learners. Here is a summarized overview of each chapter: Chapter 1: Introduction to JavaScript This chapter traces the history of JavaScript, highlighting its evolution and pivotal role in web development. … Read more

Free Developer Quiz HTML CSS JavaScript and Apps Script Python Node SEO Bootstrap Questions

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JavaScript Quiz

JavaScript Quiz What is the result of the following code? console.log(1 + “2” + 3 + 4); a) “1234” b) “10” c) “6” d) “124” What is the result of the following code? console.log(typeof null); a) “object” b) “null” c) “undefined” d) “boolean” Which of the following is NOT a valid way to declare a … Read more

50+ Top Frontend Developer Interview Questions with Code and solutions PDF download How many do you know?

FrontEnd Code Examples and Questions What is the difference between HTML and XHTML, and how do you serve them? HTML and XHTML are both markup languages used to create web pages. HTML is more forgiving than XHTML in terms of syntax, whereas XHTML has a more strict syntax. HTML documents are served with the text/html … Read more

Node Course Test Questions and Answers

Test Questions Based on course at Final Project in Section #6 Creating a fully functional node application, that uses Express to run a web application.  Connect to a MongoDB and using Node allow the frontend web application to access the Database items, full CRUD interaction. Create a web application using Express – output html file from … Read more