AJAX for beginners explore JavaScript Requests to APIs New Updated Content

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AJAX requests with JavaScript coding examples

22 page PDF Guide included, with source code and coding examples.  Tips Resources and more.

Taught by an instructor with over 20 years of web development experience ready to help you learn.

Bring your web pages to life, explore how you can create interactive and dynamic web pages with JavaScript.  Connect to JSON data and external files.  How to use the xHR object and JavaScript fetch to make requests to endpoints.  API data requests returning content.  Update web page elements with JavaScript and the DOM.   Select page elements, add values, update styling and more. Seamless page updates without page refresh.  AJAX is a set of technologies that make things happen.   

  • How to set up WebDev Environment for coding
  • Load a text file as HTML code into a web page with AJAX
  • ReadyState 0-4 for xHR object
  • Get JSON data with xHR request AJAX
  • xHR GET and POST with Data from input field
  • Modern JavaScript Fetch Requests AJAX Code
  • JavaScript AJAX connect to local JSON file contents
  • Practice AJAX Testing endpoint get JSON data from Random User API
  • JavaScript AJAX Quiz Game from JSON data

Explore AJAX and how you can use AJAX to connect to web API endpoints and get Data.

Load JSON data from external sources with JavaScript.

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