Free 174page PDF Guide to JavaScript Code Examples

Guide to JavaScriptJavaScript is a high-level, dynamic, and interpreted programming language. It is used to add interactivity and other dynamic elements to websites. The console in JavaScriptVariables:JavaScript CommentsData Types:JavaScript Data TypesArithmetic Operations:Conditional Statements:Functions:JavaScript Loops:JavaScript ArraysJavaScript ObjectsHow to output a table into the consoleJavaScript String MethodsJavaScript Number MethodsJavaScript MathVariables:Arrays:Example : ArrayExample: ObjectObjects:Conditional Statements:Functions:Example: Simple FunctionExample: Conditional … Read more

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HTTP request in Javascript Get JSON data with xhr method and fetch methods

HTTP request in Javascript? There are several ways to make an HTTP request in JavaScript, including using the XMLHttpRequest object or the fetch() function. Here is an example of making an HTTP GET request using XMLHttpRequest: var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();“GET”, “”); xhr.send(); Here’s an example of making an HTTP GET request to a … Read more

JavaScript Closure

JavaScript Closure A closure in JavaScript is a function that has access to the variables in its parent scope, even after the parent function has completed execution. This allows for data to be “closed over” or remembered by the inner function, even after the outer function has returned. For example: function makeCounter() {   let count … Read more

How to add Fade Out and Fade in to page elements pure JavaScript

Learn how to apply fade in and fade out effects to HTML page elements with pure JavaScript code. Select and create new page elements dynamically with code, add event listeners and have the page elements fade in and fade out once the event is triggered. How to append and add new page elements with JavaScriptHow … Read more

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