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Thank you for all your support,  I’m happy to announce the Launch of the New Node JS with MongoDB course.   This course covers one of the most asked for topics by students, how to connect your frontend to a database.  Full CRUD to MongoDB in the cloud!!!!    Done with Node and Express.   Over 13 Hours HD Videos…..    100+page PDF NodeJS Guide ….  loaded with resources and code examples.

NodeJS MongoDB Express Beginner to Intermediate JavaScript

NodeJS Express MongoDB connected together to update database content from Frontend Web Application using JavaScript

Modern Web Design Beginners HTML CSS JavaScript 25+ Projects

Web Design with HTML CSS JavaScript How to create Web Pages web development build websites create WebSites from scratch

JavaScript Projects Games 55 Modern JavaScript DOM ES6

Real Projects! ES6 AJAX Java Script Projects Apps 55+ Projects Modern JS DOM JavaScript Games Portfolio Games DOM

★★★★★ Most InDemand Courses Spring 2021!!! ★★★★★

  1. CSS Modern Responsive Web Design Create 5 Different Sites (7+hrs HD Video)
  2. HTML5 Canvas create 5 Games 5 Projects Learn JavaScript  (12+hrs HD Video)
  3. JSON Quick Introduction JSON Data JavaScript using JSON (1+hrs HD Video)
  4. JavaScript DOM Game Blackjack JavaScript Game from Scratch (2+hrs HD Video)
  5. Google Apps Script Build 28+ Fun Projects Sites G Suite (32+hrs HD Video)
  6. JavaScript Projects DOM Projects InterActive Dynamic WebPages JS DOM (9+hrs HD Video)
  7. JavaScript AJAX 30 Projects Fetch Web APIs JSON coding (21+hrs HD Video)
  8. NEW Google Apps Script Complete Course New IDE 100+ Examples   (22+hrs HD Video)
  9. JavaScript Create 5 Fun Word Games make your own Web Games  (8+hrs HD Video)
  10. The Complete Workspace (G Suite) Course, Beginner – Advanced     (15+hrs HD Video)

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Thanks for all your support

Laurence Svekis

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