Creating HTML Email Table with Google Sheets Data #mail

Learn Google Apps Script – Free Source Code Guide Coding exercises and more Free Apps Script Lessons by Laurence Svekis Google Developer Expert in Workspace (GDE) Sets the id variable to a specific Google Sheets ID. Opens the Google Sheets file with the given id, selects the sheet named “users”, and retrieves all the data from the sheet. Extracts the header row and the data rows from the retrieved data. Initializes an HTML string with an opening tag and a border style. Loops through each row of data (including the header row), and for each row:a. Adds an opening tag to the HTML string. b. Loops through each cell in the row and adds a tag with the cell value and a border style to the HTML string. c. Adds a closing tag to the HTML string. Adds a closing tag to the HTML string. Gets the email address of the active user. Sets the subject of the email to “My Table”. Sends an email to the active user’s email address with the table HTML as the email’s HTML body. In summary, this function retrieves data from a specific Google Sheets file, creates an HTML table from the data, and sends an email with the table as the email’s HTML body to the active user’s email address. Course content web development and web design courses with coding examples and source code for the lesson content. Source Code is available within my Github account. Lessons posted are designed to help students learn more about a specific topic related to modern web development and applying code. Laurence Svekis is a professional top selling course author having instructed over 1 Million students both online and in person. Laurence Svekis is a Google Developer Expert specializing in Google Workspace automation using Google Apps Script Code. Learn more about Google Apps Script – Free coding lesson – Source Code included #GoogleAppsScript #GAS #AppsScript #GoogleScript #GoogleSheets #GoogleDocs #GoogleForms #GoogleSlides #GoogleWorkspace #GSuite #GSuiteEdu #GoogleEdu #onlinecourses #elearning #distancelearning #onlinetraining #learningonline #onlineeducation #MOOCs #virtuallearning #edtech #educationtechnology #learningsolutions #traininganddevelopment #professionaldevelopment Check out my Website for more details at

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