Custom formula to convert currency using real-time exchange rates

AmountFromTo CurrencyExchangeTotal


Let’s break down the components of this formula:

concat(B2, C2:C):

concat is a Google Sheets function used for concatenating (joining) text strings together.

B2 is likely a reference to a cell containing a stock symbol or ticker symbol, such as “AAPL” for Apple Inc.

C2:C appears to be a reference to a range of cells that might contain additional information or modifiers for the stock, such as start and end dates for historical data.


GoogleFinance is a built-in Google Sheets function that allows you to fetch various types of financial information for a specified stock or financial instrument.

When used alone, GoogleFinance typically requires a single argument, which is a reference to the stock symbol or a cell containing the symbol.

Putting it all together:

concat(B2, C2:C) concatenates the stock symbol in cell B2 with any additional information or modifiers from the range C2:C. This can be used to dynamically construct a query for GoogleFinance.

However, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind:

The exact functionality of this formula may depend on how your spreadsheet is set up, what’s in cell B2, and what’s in the range C2:C. It’s possible that the formula has been customized for a specific purpose in your spreadsheet.

The usage of concat in combination with GoogleFinance may not be a standard or documented approach for using GoogleFinance in Google Sheets. Typically, you would directly provide the stock symbol as an argument to GoogleFinance, not concatenate it with other cell values.

In summary, the formula =GoogleFinance(concat(B2, C2:C)) seems to be an attempt to dynamically construct a GoogleFinance query, but its specific behavior and effectiveness will depend on the content of the referenced cells and how your spreadsheet is structured.

// Custom formula to convert currency using real-time exchange rates

function CONVERT_CUR(amount,xVal){

return amount * xVal;


Find out more about Google Finance

The above Google Apps Script code defines a simple JavaScript function named CONVERT_CUR that takes two parameters: amount and xVal. This function appears to be designed for currency conversion, where amount is the amount of money you want to convert, and xVal is the exchange rate or conversion factor.

Here’s a detailed explanation of the code:

function CONVERT_CUR(amount, xVal) {

  return amount * xVal;


function CONVERT_CUR(amount, xVal) {: This line defines a JavaScript function named CONVERT_CUR with two parameters – amount and xVal. Functions in JavaScript are blocks of reusable code that can be called with specific inputs to perform a specific task.

return amount * xVal;: This line contains the code that will be executed when the CONVERT_CUR function is called. It calculates the result of multiplying the amount by xVal and then returns the result. The * operator is used for multiplication in JavaScript.

Here’s how you can use this function:

// Example usage:

var amountInUSD = 100;  // The amount in US Dollars

var exchangeRate = 1.23;  // The exchange rate (e.g., 1 USD to 1.23 EUR)

var convertedAmount = CONVERT_CUR(amountInUSD, exchangeRate);

console.log(“Converted amount: ” + convertedAmount);  // This will print “Converted amount: 123” to the console.

In this example, the CONVERT_CUR function is called with amountInUSD (100) and exchangeRate (1.23) as arguments. It returns the converted amount, which is 123 in this case, and stores it in the convertedAmount variable. Finally, the converted amount is printed to the console.

This function is a simple currency conversion calculator that can be used to convert one currency to another by providing the amount and the exchange rate as input.

Title: Understanding a Simple Currency Conversion Function in Google Apps Script


In this video, we’ll dive into a simple Google Apps Script code snippet that demonstrates how to create a basic currency conversion function. Whether you’re a beginner looking to understand JavaScript functions or you’re interested in building currency conversion tools, this tutorial is for you.

Code Explanation:

function CONVERT_CUR(amount, xVal) { return amount * xVal; }

This code defines a function called CONVERT_CUR that takes two parameters: amount (the amount you want to convert) and xVal (the exchange rate or conversion factor). The function multiplies the amount by xVal to calculate the converted amount.

Usage Example:

var amountInUSD = 100; // Amount in US Dollars var exchangeRate = 1.23; // Exchange rate (e.g., 1 USD to 1.23 EUR) var convertedAmount = CONVERT_CUR(amountInUSD, exchangeRate); console.log("Converted amount: " + convertedAmount);

Watch this video to understand how this simple currency conversion function works and how you can use it to build your own currency conversion tools. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more coding tutorials!

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