Getting to Know Linkedin learn more and how to use it

Learn about Linkedin and how to use it What is Linkedin Over 730 Million Members Over 40% of users on linkedin have changes in their occupation every 4 years. Use Linkedin to Grow your business, build your personal Brand and extend your network of connections. Over 85% of recruiters use linkedin, over 90% will vet you on Linkedin. Learn More about Linkedin Grow your Network Expand your Reach New course with all new content – resources and tips to extend your Linkedin Profile reach and learn more about what you can do on Linkedin Linkedin Optimize your Profile for Beginners Social Network Explore how you can get the most out of Linkedin Find tips and resources to grow your network and increase engagement Build your personal brand. Who you are and what you do? Opens the door to new opportunities. Provides credibility to your online presence Build Professionalism and branding Share your impact and experience. What make you different. Chronology of your professional life representing you. Linkedin allows you to connect with others professionally. Showcase who you are. What you can do and have done. Gives others an idea of what you can do. Place to share your credentials and what you’ve created You never know where it takes you or who might be looking to connect with you. Who you are and what you do. General history of you with your achievements and professional experience. Add a personal touch that sets you apart. Social media is used by employers to vet potential candidates, create your professional online you. CV and Resume can only do so much – having a professional profile is crucial to build your professional network. Can work against you if you do not have one. You manage the information you want to represent you Brand yourself and set yourself apart

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