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Explore Google Apps Script see amazing Google Apps Script projects build power up your GSuite Google Apps Script Plus

Google Apps Script will amaze YOU! – Loaded with content to teach you how to use Google Apps Script and create some amazing projects, Source code is included

more content and projects added all the time ….. check out the new projects in the last sections.

Even if you have never seen Google Apps Script before – you NEED to check out this course.  There is so much you can do when you connect the Google Suite of Products together and power up your Google G Suite workflow – save time – build some cool stuff.

Course is taught by an official GOOGLE DEVELOPER EXPERT for G Suite – Learn to create awesome applications connecting you Google Suite of Products together using Google Apps Script.

Perfect course to learn more about Google Apps Script

Even if you have never coded Apps Script Before – we have you covered step by step intro covering use of fundamental JavaScript to get you started with Google Apps Script.  Wow you friends and family with Google Apps Script

Write a little code and do so so much Google Apps Script

“I never knew Google Apps Script can do all this”

“This course was perfect for me to learn and build my own project”

“I think I’ve found a new career – I love it Google Apps Script Rules”

“This is simply amazing Google Apps Script”

“Google Apps Script is easy to learn I am a JavaScript developer and it took me no time at all”

Everything you need to get started with Google Apps Script in one big course.

Apps Script is a scripting platform developed by Google for light-weight application development in the G Suite platform.

Build amazing Web Apps

Connect to your Google Spreadsheet as a source of data for your WEBSITE – Any webs connect with AJAX

Email users with the power of Gmail

Track users in a spreadsheet

Get messages from users right into a spreadsheet

Share content of your drive – create an image gallery for your website from images sitting on your Gdrive

Let your imagination go wild – whatever you can dream up Google Apps Script can help you accomplish it

Automate your tasks

Build web apps and automate tasks with Google Apps Script

Apps Script is a rapid application development platform that makes it fast and easy to create business applications that integrate with G Suite.

No need for a database – save your time using Google Script for backend functionality

Start Scripting

  • Build with GoogleFeature-rich APIs let you extend Google services and build your own web applications.
  • Code on the WebA web browser is all you need to build with Google Apps Script.
  • Share your AppStore and share your projects in Google Drive or publish on the Chrome Web Store.

Learn the fundamental concepts of Google Apps Script – it’s based on JavaScript allowing you to connect the power of your Google Suite of products together to do some really amazing things. The upcoming lessons are going to show you the basics of how to get started creating your own projects with Google Apps Script.

The sections can be skipped if you are already familiar with the content, they are not dependant on the ones prior and fully wrapped within each project from start to finish. You choose which ones you want to do next, have fun.

Introduction to Google Apps Script – Find out how it works, get a quick refresher on JavaScript fundamentals like variables, arrays, objects, loops, functions and conditions. Try it out and see with just a few lines of code how you can create a doc, spreadsheet access the Google Calendar add events, and send emails with Script.

Project #1 – Form Submission auto response – Create custom responses and run code all triggered by a user submission of form data. Connecting Google Suite together to make things happen. This is a common and simple application that can be really useful in a number of ways.

Project #2 – YouTube API – Connect to YouTube – get content from YouTube that you can use within your application. This section demonstrates utilizing the power of YouTube, searching and retrieving video information back into a web app. Create a webapp with Google Script that can be used to search YouTube and video results.

Project #3 – Spreadsheet User data Project – Add user data to a Spreadsheet, then take action from the Spreadsheet UI to send emails and update the data. This is a dashboard designed to help manage user lists and send out emails all done within a Spreadsheet.

Project #4 – Spreadsheet Mini Projects – A collection of useful code snippets that do commonly asked for things within Spreadsheets. Explore functionality that can be extended upon to create useful additions to your web applications. Code snippets and mini projects that you can connect and extend upon.

Project #5 – Spreadsheet Data as API JSON – Explore how you can output JSON data from your spreadsheet and use within your websites as a data source and content. Use JavaScript fetch to connect to the JSON data coming from Google Scripts Web App.

Project #6 – GDrive Image Gallery – Use your Gdrive as a source for website images, creating an image gallery project to showcase images from your drive.

Project #7 – HTML5 Canvas image uploader – Fun project that allows users to create images within HTML5 Canvas, and save them to Gdrive. Upload images into canvas then add text and logo then save as an image to GDrive.

Project #8 – HTML editor saving HTML files – Using CKEditor create and save HTML files on GDrive. Select existing files from Gdrive and update the content of the file. Fun mini project that focuses on GDrive and file management.

Project #9 – Simple AutoResponse – Mini project to demo creating an email template, using triggers to automate form responses and tracking data into Spreadsheets.

Project #10 – PDF Uploader – Mini Project using Google Script to create files, use of blobs for PDF and sending of emails.

Google Sites – Perfect place to host all of your Google Web Apps in one place, showcase your work and more. A quick intro and overview of the new Google Sites.

Project #11 – GmailApp – Send email with an image attachment that will be copied to your GDrive and moved to another label within your Gmail Folders.

Project #12 – WebApp Sheet data as API – Explore how you can output Sheet content into a Web API as JSON data

Project #13 – Google Apps Script Consent Form Exercise – JavaScript Cloud – Useful project on how to create a webapp form have users select fill it out and get a PDF of their response info.

Project #14 – Google Sheets as JSON data source for JavaScript – Using Google Sheets as a source for data for your website

Project #15 – Build a team site on sites. Google Apps Script – Project Exercise Spreadsheet web app Team Site on Sites.  Posting board where users can post messages.

Project #16 – Simple Google Sheet input Project Submit data to your spreadsheet from your website

Step by step learning Google Apps Script

Fast friendly support is always available within the Q&A section

Experienced instructor with over 20 years of experience ready to help you learn

You have nothing to lose – Join now and start learning to create your own version of this helpful application today!!!

Create your own amazing time saving application – Google Apps Script

Did you know you can automate Google Apps Script

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