Google Apps Script Tutorial: Automated Email Notifications on Google Sheets Edits

In this Google Apps Script tutorial, we’ll explore how to automate email notifications when a specific cell in a Google Sheets document is edited. This can be a handy tool for staying informed about important changes in your spreadsheet data. The script utilizes the onEdit trigger, which is an event-driven function that runs whenever an edit occurs in the connected Google Sheets document. Here’s a breakdown of what the code does: It first identifies the source spreadsheet and the active sheet where the edit takes place. It specifies a target cell to monitor, in this case, ‘A1’. When a change is made in the specified cell (‘A1’), the script triggers an email notification. The email contains details such as the edited cell’s range, the name of the sheet, and the new value that was entered. The email is sent to the specified recipient, in this case, . By customizing the code to your specific use case and recipient email, you can implement automated notifications for any edits made in your Google Sheets document. This can be particularly useful for collaboration and data tracking. Course content web development and web design courses with coding examples and source code for the lesson content. Source Code is available within my Github account. Lessons posted are designed to help students learn more about a specific topic related to modern web development and applying code. Laurence Svekis is a professional top selling course author having instructed over 1 Million students both online and in person. Laurence Svekis is a Google Developer Expert specializing in Google Workspace automation using Google Apps Script Code. Check out my Website for more details at

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