How to Set Up GitPages within GitHub quick Git getting started guide local to GitHub files

Git and GitHub Pages Quick Setup Guide
Go to and create an account. Then setup a new repository. Click the Green Code button in the drop down menu to get the HTTPS URL for the repo. You will need this to clone the repo to your local machine.

Open your editor, I am using which comes with a built-in terminal making it easy to connect to GitHub. Create a folder to organize your files, download and install git on your machine. To check if git is on your local machine type git –status which should return the version of git on your machine. If not go to and download the necessary setup files for git.

To clone your repo use the git command with your URL
git clone

No change directory (cd) to the directory of your git repo on your local machine. Using ls/dir to check to ensure you are in the correct folder in the terminal.
Now create an index.html file that will serve as your landing page for the gitPages. Update and setup your HTML for the gitHub Page.

Once ready add the new updates to the staging environment locally, using git status check that files are added. Next commit the files using commit.

git add –all
git commit -m “Updated”
git push
Open your github account and check that the files are now updated in the repo. Under the settings tab select Pages in the left hand side menu.

Select the source and then the branch to use.

Wait a couple minutes for the gitHub page to be setup. The link is now at the top of the Pages, page. Click the link to visit the site, any changes you make locally now can be pushed to the GitHub repo and they will be reflected shortly on your GitHub Page.

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