Learn HTML for Beginners How to use Comments and MetaTags

Want to learn more about HTML and Web Design – Create modern websites from scratch with HTML CSS and JavaScript Code. Modern responsive web design and website development. Web Design for Beginners Modern HTML CSS JavaScript coding Quick Starting guide for Web design covering all the modern coding syntax for HTML CSS and JavaScript and JavaScript DOM Go live with a Github page and your HTML site Learning HTML covers the following code. Editor and setup to write HTML – create an html file Anatomy of an HTML element – opening tag, content, element, closing tag 4 must add tags for HTML pages html, head, title, body Comments in Code Create a basic template Introduction to common HTML tags h1 p div span Self closing tags hr br Tag attributes (id, style, class) a anchor tag hyperlinks connecting pages img add images- self closing tags Lists li ol ul tables table tr td th HTML semantic elements nav header section article aside footer Learn HTML – how to create an HTML file and structure your HTML code in a modern format ready to be styled. Lessons of this section cover how to get started with coding and creating web pages. Setup your Editor and create HTML files Debug your code HTML tags for page structure What makes up an HTML element What are Self closing Tags How to use Element Attributes Linking pages together with Hyperlinks Adding Images to your web page Lists and Tables for readable content Semantic Page elements How to create a simple webpage Go live with a Github page and your HTML site

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