Learn Sheets FREE 5 Hour course SkillShare Class Project Sheets Mortgage Calculator Example Create using Google Sheets Formulas

SkillShare Class Project Sheets Mortgage Calculator Example Create using Google Sheets Formulas

Explore how you can save time with Google Sheets do more in Google Workspace Helpful tips Google Sheets Formulas

Google Sheets is a spreadsheet app which is powerful and easy to use.  Sheets has a familiar layout so you can get started quickly…..

Learn how to power up with Google Sheets with the power to Share and collaborate with others!

Increase your productivity bring it to the max, with auto saves, and the ability to access from any device, its loaded with amazing smart functionality.

  • Its a web based spreadsheet that you can use store and access your files from your Google drive using your Google Account.
  • It works across any device, mobile or desktop you choose whichever you prefer.
  • Google Sheets comes with your Google Account as well more powerful organization workspaces are also available.   
  • Works seamlessly across Google Workspace Suite of apps including Google Drive, Docs, and Slides
  • Interface is familiar just like Excel and other similar spreadsheet products. 
  • Lots of useful add-ons you can download to really supercharge your Google Sheets.

This course is Perfect to become more familiar with Google Sheets – helpful tips and resources also included.

Learn about Google Sheets version control – How do I manage version history in Google Sheets?

Learn about Google Sheets formulas – How do I create a formula in Google Sheets?

Google Sheets Getting Started with Sheets for Beginners

Course lessons are designed to be a step by step lesson structure to help you learn everything about Google Sheets

  • Getting Started with Google Sheets – How to start using Google Sheets
  • Sheets Collaboration Sharing benefits of web based workspace working with others
  • How to save sheet data Saving your Sheet updates and best practices to recover
  • How Google Sheets compares to other spreadsheet apps Sheets vs Excel comparison
  • Google Sheets other files and formats Create and Import Files to Sheets
  • Edit and update content in sheets Editing Google Sheets
  • How to use Sheets tips and helpful ideas about content Sheet Content Option
  • Update the cell formats Format Cells in Sheets and options for cell data
  • How to apply filters within Google Sheets Google Sheets Filters.
  • How to protect your Sheet data apply Protected Sheets and Ranges to cell content
  • Do more with Sheets Google Spreadsheet Sheet Options
  • How to setup Named Ranges within your Google Sheets documents
  • Setting view options within Google Sheets View options Sheets settings
  • How to insert into your Google Sheets Insert Options Sheet content
  • How to Insert Charts and Images into Sheets with helpful tips and tricks
  • How  to use Comments and Notes Insert in Google Sheets
  • New features like Slicers in Sheets Filter how to use new features
  • Explore your Google Sheet Data Options
  • Google Sheets how to use Tools menu Sheets Tool Options
  • More about Google Addons and what you can do with Sheets Addons
  • Explore the Google Sheet Explore Sheets option for your content suggestions

Google Sheets FUNCTIONS allow you to do more easily with prebuilt functions

  • Google Sheets working with common functions
  • Google Sheets Functions Sheets Formula Simple Operators and Functions
  • Selecting Cells and settings selected cell Relative vs Absolute Cells
  • Common functions within Google Sheets Helpful Google Sheet Functions
  • Sheets Functions Date Options within Google Sheets Using Date Functions
  • How to use Text Functions Sheets String Functions
  • How to use Sheets Filter Functions for Sheet Data in Cell formulas
  • Most commonly used Sheets Info Functions examples of Info Functions
  • How to use Lookup in Sheets Google Sheets LookUp Functions examples
  • Examples of Common Sheets Math Functions

Benefits of using Google Sheets – Accessing Sheets from any device – Easy to Navigate Sheet Columns and Rows – How to Create and name sheet – Features of Sheets Automatically save your work – How you can select and open you can also open templates – Saving Sheets files all automatically stored in drive – How to  create new Sheets duplicate Sheets content to other Sheets – Explore selecting of rows and column- range selection to get cell data – How to make changes right away

Taught by a Google Developer Expert for Google Workspace – ready to help you learn more about Google Sheets

What are you waiting for join now and become more productive with Google Sheets Today.

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Create a mortgage calculator where you can input the house price, the down payment, interest rate and years to pay down the mortgage.  Setup the sheet to calculate the totals for each payment month, including how much was paid in interest, how much the new balance owed is and how much is left to be paid.  Once you have completed the project you can screenshot it, or use the publish to the web and share your project to the class.

Sheets Project Example

Create a loan calculator   applying formulas to calculate the amount borrowed and the payments needed until the original amount is paid off.  Include the payment period and the interest rate.  

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