New Books coming soon Python and Apps Script

Please stay tuned for several new books that I am launching over the month of October.

Coming soon, Python Coding for Beginners will be published on Amazon Kindle

Coming soon, Google Apps Script for Workspace Users coming to Amazon Kindle soon

As always I will provide free codes when the books launch, subscribe to my website to get your codes when I launch the books.

Laurence Svekis is an experienced course author and creator many years of application development experience.  Having taught over 1 million students worldwide both online and in person.  Specializing in JavaScript coding, web programming and multiple coding languages. Laurence has had the opportunity to provide bestselling video and written content to many students over several decades of work.   In 2019 Laurence Svekis was recognized by Google as a GDE (Google Developer Expert) for Google Workspace.   Laurence Svekis has a wide range of expertise in web development, having worked on various web development projects both large and small.   Laurence is an innovative technology expert with a wide range of real world experience.  As a top course instructor since 2015 he has a real passion for bringing ideas to life online.  Teaching and helping others has been an amazing opportunity as he enjoys sharing knowledge with others.   He has an enthusiasm for education and desire to help others experience that joy of application development and web design

Having a real passion for the amazing things that can be done with Google Apps Script it’s been a real joy to create this project-based book, so that others can learn and try Google Apps Script.  The contents of this book contain many coding exercises to practice and learn more about how to apply Google Apps Script code.  Please note that having prior JavaScript coding experience although not required is strongly suggested as Google Apps Script uses the JavaScript code syntax and it renders in the JavaScript engine.

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