Quotas for Google Services

When running apps script try to avoid longer than 5 minutes executions, if you need more processing you should chunk the operation into more manageable pieces.

Apps Script services have daily quotas and limitations on some features. If you exceed a quota or limitation, your script throws an exception and execution stops.


FeatureConsumer (e.g., gmail.com) and
G Suite free edition
Google Workspace
Calendar events created5,000 / day10,000 / day
Contacts created1,000 / day2,000 / day
Documents created250 / day1,500 / day
Files converted2,000 / day4,000 / day
Email recipients per day100* / day1,500* / day
Email recipients per day within domain100* / day2,000 / day
Email read/write (excluding send)20,000 / day50,000 / day
Groups read2,000 / day10,000 / day
JDBC connection10,000 / day50,000 / day
JDBC failed connection100 / day500 / day
Presentations created250 / day1,500 / day
Properties read/write50,000 / day500,000 / day
Slides created250 / day1,500 / day
Spreadsheets created250 / day3,200 / day
Triggers total runtime90 min / day6 hr / day
URL Fetch calls20,000 / day100,000 / day
Static Map render1,000 / day10,000 / day
Google Map Direction query1,000 / day10,000 / day
Google Map Geocode calls1,000 / day10,000 / day
Translate calls5,000 / day20,000 / day
Google Map elevation samples query1,000 / day10,000 / day
Apps Script projects50 / day50 / day
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