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Explore how you can use Google Script Web Apps to create interaction between the user and your google Workspace.  

Web Apps – coding examples of Web apps with Google Apps Script how to output content into a web app

– Client side to server side connections and communication

– How to output Apps Script Variables to your Web App

– Output Sheet contents as JSON to Web App with Google Apps Script

– Upload files from your local computer to your Google Drive using a web app with Apps Script

– Load you Google Docs file as HTML to be output to your Web App with Google Apps Script

– Get Sheet data and allow the user to interact and get Sheet content within a Web App

Output content with createHTMLOutput service, UrlFetchApp fetch to get URL data, How to use Web app parameters, createHtmlOutputFromFile, Utilities.newBlob, DriveApp.getFolderById, SpreadsheetApp.openById, HtmlService.createHtmlOutputFromFile, ContentService and more coding examples.

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