Apps Script for Creating Docs and files in Drive

Create a script that will get data from a sheet, create content to add within a Doc. Make the Doc, update the sheet data with the doc details, and email out to the user from the sheet the doc location.

  1. Select a Spreadsheet sheet by Name – getSheetByName(‘data’)
  2. Get the data from the sheet
  3. Loop through the sheet data, invoke a function makerDoc() sending the row array values and the index value.
  4. Create a new function makerDoc(), set a value for the row using the index from the array. The Array is zero based and the first row contains headings so we add 2 to the value to get the actual row value.
  5. Create variables for the message within the doc, and the name of the doc which can be generated from data sent into the function.
  6. Create a doc and select the doc body object. DocumentApp.create(docName); doc.getBody();
  7. Using the body append a paragraph with the message contents. body.appendParagraph(bodyData);
  8. Get the newly created doc’s url. doc.getUrl();
  9. Create values to send an email, including email address, subject and message body. Send the email with MailApp. MailApp.sendEmail(email,subject,emailBody);
  10. Return the row value and the message for the spreadsheet cell back.
  11. Use the response object from makerDoc() to select a range in the sheet, then update and set a value from the response object message. sheet.getRange(val.row,5).setValue(val.message);

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