Basic Arithmetic Operations

Basic Arithmetic Operations

Image: Output of Basic Arithmetic Operations into the console


To familiarize the student with basic arithmetic operations in JavaScript and the usage of variables.

Topics Covered:

  • Variables
  • Arithmetic Operations


// Objective: Perform arithmetic operations and store their results in variables.

// 1. Declare two variables, a and b, and assign them values of 5 and 3, respectively.

let a = 5;

let b = 3;

// 2. Declare a variable named sum and assign it the result of adding a and b.

let sum = a + b;

// 3. Declare a variable named difference and assign it the result of subtracting b from a.

let difference = a – b;

// 4. Declare a variable named product and assign it the result of multiplying a and b.

let product = a * b;

// 5. Declare a variable named quotient and assign it the result of dividing a by b.

let quotient = a / b;

// 6. Print the results to the console.

console.log(“Sum: ” + sum);

console.log(“Difference: ” + difference);

console.log(“Product: ” + product);

console.log(“Quotient: ” + quotient);

// Exercise: Modify values of a and b and observe the changes in the output.


This exercise introduces the basic arithmetic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Students will learn how to declare variables and use them to store the results of arithmetic operations, as well as how to print these results to the console.