Updated 2022 Course Create Dynamic Forms HTML CSS JavaScript and jQueryUI

Guide to accessing form content and utilizing the data within jQuery and JavaScript code Get the Full Course https://www.udemy.com/course/create-dynamic-web-forms-with-jquery/?referralCode=4030048322401C2D277C jQuery is a great way to add amazing functionality and dynamic effects onto your web pages.   jQuery provides great functionality when it comes to forms, and creating forms is an essential skill within web development. … Read more

Learn JavaScript – DOM background Colors Project

https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/learn-javascript-dom-background-colors-project-laurence-svekis- Background Color Table Fun This exercise will build an interactive table of colored cells that can be clicked to apply the cell background color to the page.  In Addition several buttons to update the background colors of the table cells. The table will be dynamically generated using values for columns and rows. The application … Read more

Random Number Interactive Guessing Game with JavaScript and the DOM coding exercise

Math Random Values Javascript Math object contains various methods that can be used for math functionality, in addition it also contains the random method that creates random values in JavaScript.  The Math.random() method returns a floating-point number in the range 0 (inclusive of 0) to less than 1 (not including 1). The random value can … Read more