JavaScript Best Practices 2023 with Example Code

10 best practices for writing efficient and maintainable JavaScript code: Use const instead of var or let whenever possible. This helps prevent accidental modification of variables. Example: const name = “John”; name = “Jane”; // Error: “name” is read-only Declare variables as close as possible to their first use. This reduces their scope and makes … Read more

Beginners Introduction Guide To JavaScript Code

Beginners Introduction Guide To JavaScript Code JavaScript is a high-level, dynamic, and interpreted programming language. It is used to add interactivity and other dynamic elements to websites. Here are some basics of JavaScript with code examples: Variables:  variables are used to store values in JavaScript. You can declare a variable with the “let” keyword, like … Read more

Coding Examples PDF Guide Questions and Answers

Downloadable PDF included JavaScript interview questions with answers: What is closure in JavaScript and how does it work? Answer: Closure is a feature in JavaScript where a function has access to its outer scope even after the outer function has returned. It is created when a function is defined inside another function, and the inner … Read more

Learn To Code JavaScript Free PDF 2023 Volume 2

JavaScript Closure Explained A closure in JavaScript is a function that has access to variables in its parent scope, even after the parent function has returned. Closures are created when a function is defined inside another function, and the inner function retains access to the variables in the outer function’s scope. Here is an … Read more

Node Course Test Questions and Answers

Test Questions Based on course at Final Project in Section #6 Creating a fully functional node application, that uses Express to run a web application.  Connect to a MongoDB and using Node allow the frontend web application to access the Database items, full CRUD interaction. Create a web application using Express – output html file from … Read more

Web Design Responsive Website Template from Scratch HTML CSS FREE PDF Guide

Build your own website from scratch Web Design how to build a simple website template from scratch using HTML and CSS Modern Responsive Web Design Source Code CSS and HTML CSS Grid Design website Explore how you can create a website, apply CSS to HTML page elements for modern real world website design.  Create … Read more

Google Apps Script Coding Examples FREE PDF Downloadable GUIDE

Google Apps Script Quickstart Code Examples Create a Spreadsheet with rows and columns values from a loop 1Use array data to create a spreadsheet and populate the values 3Apps Script UrlFetchApp Get URL Data and output to Web App 3Populate Spreadsheet data from Web API 4How to send data to an endpoint UrlFetchApp POST JSON … Read more

Free JavaScript Coding Examples PDF Guide

JavaScript Coding Examples Block Scope Declare Variables For of vs in iterable Items JavaScript Countdown using Interval JavaScript Object Literals JavaScript Instance Objects JavaScript Spread Operator syntax JavaScript Coding Examples JavaScript Coding Examples 1Block Scope Declare Variables 1For of vs in iterable Items 2JavaScript Countdown using Interval 4JavaScript Object Literals 5JavaScript Instance Objects 5JavaScript Spread … Read more

Free Courses 100% off lifetime access 10 Top Performing Skillshare Courses FREE Coding JavaScript Apps Script and more

JavaScript Quick Coding Array Methods Tips and Examples Explore how you can use JavaScript to get array items with commonly used array methods Welcome to the JavaScript array methods quick coding course. Google Apps Script Projects for Beginners Create PDF WebForm Google Apps Script is just like JavaScript – running in the cloud. … Read more

Free Full Course Learn JavaScript DOM Coding Projects Interactive and Dynamic Web Pages Bonus 100+ Page Ebook FREE

Learn JavaScript DOM Coding Projects Interactive and Dynamic Web Pages First 25 Students Get it FREE Modern coding exercises to develop your JavaScript coding skills from the most commonly asked for questions about JavaScript Explore the JavaScript DOM how to  Email AutoResponder DOM Element Maker Functions Arrow Plus AJAX fetch JSON data Collision Detection … Read more

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