Google Apps Script Coding Exercises 10 Practice code

Google Apps Script Coding Exercises Exercise 1: Sending Email Task: Write a script that sends an email to a specific recipient with a predefined subject and body. Code: function sendEmail() {   var recipient = ‘’;   var subject = ‘Greetings from Google Apps Script’;   var body = ‘This is a test email sent using Google Apps … Read more

Quiz and Exercises Google Apps Script GmailApp Class

🚀 Exciting Journey into Google Apps Script – GmailApp Class! 📧✨ 🔍 Exploring the dynamic capabilities of the GmailApp class in Google Apps Script! 🌐 Whether it’s sending personalized emails, managing drafts, or navigating through your inbox, the possibilities are endless. 💡 Key Takeaways: Introduction to Google Apps Script – Gmail Service Google Apps Script … Read more

Mastering JavaScript Nested Loops Coding Exercises and Quiz questions Test your Knowledge

🚀 Mastering JavaScript Nested Loops 🔄 Exploring the power of nested loops in JavaScript! 🌐 Whether you’re printing patterns, handling multidimensional data, or diving into complex iterations, nested loops are your go-to tool. 🛠️ 🔍 Why Nested Loops? Nested loops allow us to navigate through layers of data, making code efficient and versatile. From simple … Read more

Mastering Regular Expressions in JavaScript PDF Guide Exercises Quiz questions and much more Learn Regex with JavaScript

Regular expressions, often referred to as regex or regexp, are powerful patterns used for matching character combinations in strings. In JavaScript, regular expressions are represented by the RegExp object. They provide a concise and flexible way to search, match, and manipulate text. Basics of Regular Expressions: Creating a Regular Expression: Regular expressions can be created … Read more

25 Interview Questions JavaScript with Answers JavaScript Interview Prep: Mastering Key Concepts

Common JavaScript Interview Questions Question: What is JavaScript, and how does it differ from Java? Question: Explain the difference between let, const, and var. Question: What is the significance of closures in JavaScript? Question: How does asynchronous JavaScript work, and what is the event loop? Question: Explain the concept of hoisting. Question: What is the … Read more

Mastering Google Apps Script: SpreadsheetApp Class

Google Apps Script SpreadSheetsApp class Google Apps Script – sheetsapp Class The spreadsheetsapp class is specifically designed to work with Google Sheets. It offers a range of methods that allow developers to perform operations such as reading and writing data, formatting cells, creating charts, and more. Basic Example: // Open the active spreadsheet var spreadsheet … Read more

Dive into the world of Google Apps Script – DocumentApp Quiz questions and Exercises Learn here

DocumentApp Class The document service creates and opens Documents that can be edited. Google Apps Script is a scripting language that allows developers to automate tasks and extend the functionality of various Google Workspace applications, including Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more. It provides a powerful way to customize and enhance Google Workspace products, making … Read more

Mastering JavaScript Prototypes: Your Gateway to Efficient Coding!

Let’s dive into the fascinating world of JavaScript prototypes. Understanding prototypes is key to unleashing the full potential of JavaScript and building scalable, efficient code. Why Prototypes Matter: Prototypes allow you to create shared properties and methods among objects, fostering a streamlined and organized code structure. They form the backbone of JavaScript’s object-oriented nature, enabling … Read more

Mastering JavaScript: Mapping, Reducing, and Filtering Free PDF Quiz and Exercise to learn and practice JavaScript

Mastering JavaScript: Mapping, Reducing, and Filtering Mapping the values of an array in JavaScript is a powerful technique that involves applying a function to each element of an array, creating a new array with the results. Let’s dive into a detailed explanation with coding examples: Understanding Array Mapping: 1. Introduction: Mapping is a fundamental operation … Read more

Mastering JavaScript Functions Learn Practice Excel Quiz and Coding Exercises for JavaScript FREE PDF Download

Learn JavaScript Basic Functions Let’s delve into the world of basic functions in JavaScript. Functions are fundamental building blocks in JavaScript that allow you to group code into reusable units. Here’s an in-depth exploration with coding examples: 1. Function Declaration: Description: Function declarations define a function and are hoisted to the top of the containing … Read more