Free 200 Page JavaScript Book – PreRelease PDF copy Learn JavaScript today JavaScript Fundamental Guide to Learning JavaScript

JavaScript Fundamental Guide to Learning JavaScript The book provides a comprehensive journey through the history and foundational concepts of JavaScript, catering to beginners and intermediate learners. Here is a summarized overview of each chapter: Chapter 1: Introduction to JavaScript This chapter traces the history of JavaScript, highlighting its evolution and pivotal role in web development. … Read more

Document Object Model (DOM) in web development

🚀 Excited to share the significance of the Document Object Model (DOM) in web development! 🌐💻 The DOM is a powerhouse that empowers developers to create dynamic, interactive, and user-centric web applications. Here’s why the DOM is a game-changer: 1️⃣ Dynamic Content Mastery: With the DOM, developers can dynamically update a web page’s content, offering … Read more

HTML5 Canvas for JavaScript Learners

JavaScript HTML5 Canvas: A Dynamic Visual Playground The HTML5 canvas element is a powerful tool that allows developers to create dynamic and interactive graphics using JavaScript. It provides a blank canvas on which you can draw various shapes, images, and animations, making it an essential component for building visually captivating web applications. Getting Started with … Read more

Elevate Your JavaScript Skills with Event Listeners

JavaScript Event Listeners In JavaScript, event listeners are an essential mechanism for handling various types of events that occur on a web page. Events can be triggered by user actions, such as clicking a button or submitting a form, or by various other interactions within a web application. Adding Event Listeners To add event listeners … Read more

20 Common Questions Google Apps Script and Responses

What is Google Apps Script? Answer: Google Apps Script is a cloud-based scripting platform that allows you to automate tasks and extend the functionality of Google Workspace applications like Sheets, Docs, and Forms. What programming language does Google Apps Script use? Answer: Google Apps Script uses JavaScript, with some additional Google-specific functions and libraries. What … Read more

Level Up Your JavaScript Skills 15 Advanced Quiz Questions to Test Your Knowledge

Test Your JavaScript Knowledge 2 Ready to push your JavaScript expertise to the next level? This quiz dives deep into advanced concepts, modern frameworks, and best practices. Test your understanding of: Challenge yourself and discover areas for improvement! #javascript #quiz #challengeyourself #webdevelopment #frontenddevelopment #softwareengineer #linkedin How many questions about JavaScript can you answer? JavaScript Questions … Read more

Unraveling JavaScript Concepts Learn From Basics to Advanced

🚀 Unraveling JavaScript Concepts: From Basics to Advanced! 🚀 🌐 Basic JavaScript Concepts: 🤔 Five Basic Data Types in JavaScript? JavaScript boasts five fundamental data types – understand their role and significance. 🤔 == vs. === Operators: Decoding the Difference Demystify the distinctions between the equality operators == and === in JavaScript. 🤔 Ways to … Read more

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Exciting CSS Learning Exercises

Exciting CSS Learning Exercises Exercise 1: Basic Styling Objective: Apply basic styling to an HTML document. Steps: HTML: <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> <head>   <meta charset=”UTF-8″>   <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0″>   <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”styles.css”>   <title>Exercise 1</title> </head> <body>   <h1>Hello, CSS!</h1>   <p>This is a sample paragraph.</p> </body> </html> CSS (styles.css): body {   background-color: #f0f0f0;   font-size: 16px;   color: #333; … Read more

Google Apps Script Code Exercises Advanced

Google Apps Script Code Exercises Advanced Exercise 11: Email Auto-Responder Code: function autoResponder() {   var threads = GmailApp.getInboxThreads(0, 1); // Get the latest email thread   if (threads.length > 0) {     var senderEmail = threads[0].getMessages()[0].getFrom();     var customMessage = getCustomMessage(senderEmail);     // Send auto-reply     GmailApp.sendEmail(senderEmail, ‘Auto-Reply’, customMessage);   } } function getCustomMessage(senderEmail) {   // Implement logic to fetch a … Read more