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Just updated Explore JavaScript DOM – Create Dynamic Web Pages JavaScript DOM for Beginners 2022 Learn how to code JavaScript DOM coding examples learn how to create interactive and dynamic web pages Element selection and updating – includes PDF downloadable Guide

New Google Sheets Course – Google Sheets Tips Tricks Quick HowTo Workspace Resources Explore how you can save time with Google Sheets do more in Google Workspace Helpful tips Google Sheets Formulas

5 Star rating!!!! JavaScript Dynamic Web Pages AJAX 30 Projects APIs JSON JavaScript projects explore JavaScript to connect to APIs retrieve JSON data with AJAX use it within your web page

Google Docs – New 2022 Course – Learn Google Docs Workspace 2022 Increase your Productivity Google Docs Explore how you can increase your productivity and learn more about using Google Docs Suggestions tips BONUS downloadable PDF Guide included!!!

New Create a Modern website from scratch – HTML CSS 2022 Modern Responsive Website from Scratch Step by step guide to learning the fundamental building blocks of web development. Learn how to create HTML and CSS code

Learn JavaScript HERE – Learn JavaScript 2022 Quick start Guide for Beginners Quick Learning Guide to the core fundamentals of JavaScript and how to use JavaScript creating web applications Includes 3 Downloadable PDF guides with source code, exercises and challenges.

JavaScript Array and Data Structures – JavaScript 2022 Array Methods and Objects Data Structures Arrays are a fundamental building blocks of JavaScript this course will help you better understand how to utilize arrays. Includes a 30+ page Downloadable PDF guide that can be used along side lessons, includes source code and more!

jQuery New 2022 Course content – Complete jQuery Course Modern 2022 for Beginners to Advanced Modern jQuery coding for interactive and dynamic web pages animations event handling AJAX page element updates and more Bonus 100 page PDF source code and resource guide INCLUDED.

Modern web design course 2022 – Front-end web developer Modern HTML CSS JavaScript 2022 Quick Starting guide for Web design covering all the modern coding syntax for HTML CSS and JavaScript and JavaScript DOM

Learn NodeJS Here – NodeJS MongoDB Express Beginner to Intermediate JavaScript NodeJS Express MongoDB connected together to update database content from Frontend Web Application using JavaScript includes 128 page downloadable workbook Guide source code, tips, resources and challenges

Learn Python Here – Python for Beginners Start to Code with Python write code Includes several Python projects and loaded with code examples Learn how to code with Python perfect for Beginners

Get connected GROW your network – Linkedin Optimize your Profile for Beginners Social Network Explore how you can get the most out of Linkedin Find tips and resources to grow your network and increase engagement

★★★★★ Google Apps Script – Power-up Your Google Workspace ★★★★★

Google Apps Script Learn Coding Projects Exercises Resources Explore how you can get started with Google Apps Script using code to interact with Google Workspace GSuite Apps 100+ pages downloadable workbook

New Google Apps Script – Google Workspace do more connect with data and bring it into your Google Projects. Google Apps Script WebForm and Fetch Request Exercises includes PDF guide for downloading.

★★★★★ JavaScript Coding Projects and MORE!!! ★★★★★

JavaScript DOM Projects InterActive Dynamic WebPages Games JavaScript DOM makes your web pages interactive and dynamic update page elements add event listeners create Games JS DOM

JavaScript DOM projects JavaScript Projects JS Dynamic interactive DOM elements Perfect to practice and learn more about JavaScript and DOM interactions create useful components and more

DOM 2022 Projects – JavaScript DOM 2022 Create Interactive Dynamic Web Pages Learn how to make webpages Dynamic and Interactive using JavaScript to influence and manipulate page elements

Big JavaScript Course JavaScript Projects Games 55 Modern JavaScript DOM Real Projects! AJAX Java Script Projects Apps 55+ Projects Modern JS DOM JavaScript Games Portfolio Games DOM

Math Games with JavaScript Code JavaScript Math Games project for learning code from scratch JavaScript Game – Explore how YOU can create a fully dynamic Interactive Math Game From Scratch using JavaScript

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