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LinkedIn offers several creator tools designed to help users create and share content on the platform. These tools are intended to empower creators to build their personal brand, engage with their audience, and share valuable insights. Here are some notable LinkedIn creator tools:

  1. LinkedIn Articles: Creators can write long-form articles on LinkedIn to share in-depth knowledge, insights, or stories with their connections. Articles allow for rich formatting options, including images, videos, and embedded media.
  2. LinkedIn Live: LinkedIn Live enables creators to broadcast real-time video content to their network. It’s a powerful tool for hosting live events, Q&A sessions, interviews, webinars, and sharing industry expertise.
  3. LinkedIn Video: Creators can leverage LinkedIn’s native video feature to record and share short videos directly on the platform. Videos can be used to deliver quick tips, tutorials, behind-the-scenes content, or share engaging stories.
  4. LinkedIn Polls: LinkedIn Polls allow creators to create and share polls with their connections. Polls are an interactive way to gather opinions, engage with the audience, and generate discussions around specific topics or industry trends.
  5. LinkedIn Events: Creators can use LinkedIn Events to create and promote professional events, such as conferences, workshops, meetups, or webinars. It helps reach a targeted audience, manage event registrations, and facilitate networking opportunities.
  6. LinkedIn Stories: Similar to other social media platforms, LinkedIn also offers Stories. Creators can share short-lived photos or videos that appear at the top of the LinkedIn feed. Stories are a great way to provide updates, share behind-the-scenes content, or showcase day-to-day professional activities.
  7. LinkedIn Creator Mode: Creator Mode is a profile feature that helps users showcase their content more prominently on LinkedIn. When enabled, it adds a dedicated section to the user’s profile, highlighting their featured posts and organizing content into relevant categories.
  8. LinkedIn Analytics: LinkedIn provides analytics tools to creators, offering insights into the performance of their content. Creators can access data on post engagement, views, audience demographics, and other metrics to understand the reach and impact of their content.

These creator tools empower LinkedIn users to build a strong personal brand, connect with their target audience, and share valuable insights and expertise in their respective industries.

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LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live lets you bring your professional community together in real-time by streaming live video. Learn more about how to go live.

  1. LinkedIn Articles:
    • To create an article, click on the “Start a post” button on your LinkedIn homepage.
    • Choose the “Write an article” option.
    • Add a compelling title and start writing your article using the rich text editor.
    • You can format the text, add images, videos, and embed media to enhance your article.
    • Once you’re satisfied with the article, click the “Publish” button to make it live.
  2. LinkedIn Live:
    • LinkedIn Live is currently available through application-only access. Apply for LinkedIn Live streaming access through the LinkedIn Live page.
    • Once approved, you can go live by clicking on the “Start a broadcast” button on your LinkedIn homepage.
    • Set a title and description for your live video, choose the audience you want to target, and select the broadcasting tool you prefer.
    • Before going live, test your setup and ensure everything is working properly.
    • Once ready, hit the “Go Live” button to start your LinkedIn Live broadcast.
  3. LinkedIn Video:
    • Click on the “Start a post” button on your LinkedIn homepage.
    • Choose the “Video” option.
    • Record a video directly using your device’s camera or upload a pre-recorded video from your computer or mobile device.
    • Add a title, description, and relevant hashtags to your video post.
    • You can also choose a custom thumbnail or let LinkedIn generate one for you.
    • Once all details are set, click the “Post” button to share the video on LinkedIn.
  4. LinkedIn Polls:
    • Click on the “Start a post” button on your LinkedIn homepage.
    • Choose the “Create a poll” option.
    • Add your poll question and provide up to four answer choices.
    • Set the poll duration (1 day to 2 weeks) and choose the audience you want to target.
    • Optionally, you can add an image to make your poll more visually appealing.
    • Click the “Post” button to publish the poll on LinkedIn.
  5. LinkedIn Events:
    • Click on the “Create” button at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
    • Choose the “Event” option.
    • Fill in the event details, including the event title, date, time, description, location, and ticketing information if applicable.
    • Customize the event banner image and logo to make it visually appealing.
    • Choose the audience you want to invite and promote the event to.
    • Once all the details are set, click the “Publish” button to create the event on LinkedIn.
  6. LinkedIn Stories:
    • From your LinkedIn homepage, click on the “Add a story” button at the top.
    • Capture a photo or record a video using your device’s camera, or choose an existing image or video from your device’s gallery.
    • Add text, stickers, or mention other LinkedIn users if desired.
    • Once you’re satisfied with the story, click the “Share” button to publish it as a LinkedIn story.
  7. LinkedIn Creator Mode:
    • Go to your LinkedIn profile page.
    • Click on the “Edit” button to edit your profile.
    • Under the “Intro” section, toggle the “Creator Mode” switch to enable it.
    • Choose the relevant topics or hashtags that best represent your content and expertise.
    • Once enabled, LinkedIn will showcase your featured posts and categorize your content accordingly on your profile.
  8. LinkedIn Analytics:
    • Click on “Me” in the LinkedIn navigation bar and select “Posts & Activity” from the dropdown menu.
      • This will take you to a page where you can see your recent activity and posts.
      • To access analytics for a specific post, find the post you want to analyze and click on the three dots (…) in the top right corner of the post.
      • From the dropdown menu, select “View Stats”.
      • LinkedIn will display various analytics data for that post, including views, engagement metrics (likes, comments, shares), and the demographics of the people who engaged with your post.
      • You can use this data to evaluate the performance of your content and gain insights into your audience’s preferences and behaviors.
    • These instructions should help you get started with each of the LinkedIn creator tools. Remember to customize and optimize your content based on your target audience and goals.