Free Course 11+ hours First 50 people Only Learn JavaScript

Create projects and share the links to the projects.

The course contains over 20 projects that you can create, expand up on and make your own version of the games and applications.  

Class projects and suggested way to learn from the lessons is to watch the lesson and create the project presented in the lesson alongside the video.   You can customize the CSS and JavaScript functionality to extend on the mini  projects presented in the course.   The course provides concepts and starter code that you can build up on. Upload your projects to github, your own server, to codepen, or screenshot the project from your local environment.  Share and let others play the games.  

I’m excited to see what you create so please don’t forget to share those projects 🙂

Attached is a PDF with links and resources – Source code and screenshots of the projects you can create using the lessons from the course

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