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Google Apps Script is a coding language based on JavaScript that runs in the cloud. You can do really amazing things with Apps Script, with just a few lines of code. It allows you to supercharge your Google Workspace apps, to save time, and do a lot more. Google Apps Script allows you to interact with the Google Suite of products, and create customized functionality within those products. There is nothing to install, it’s based on JavaScript which makes it easy to get started with, and because of the code syntax being JavaScript there is a large amount of coding examples and support online. 

Anyone can get started with it quickly and easily. I guarantee once you start writing some code, and see how easily it can be to do amazing things, it will leave you wanting more.

This book is designed to help you get started with code, its loaded with coding examples and code snippets you can try. Learn more with this step by step approach which helps demonstrate the power of Google Apps Script with simple examples. Coding examples are designed as starter exercises that can be used to bring your applications to the next level. Each lesson is specifically designed to demonstrate how a particular aspect of Google Apps Script can be used to perform common tasks and functions.  

Resources, code examples, links, tips all included… everything you need in order to start coding and bring your applications to life.

The code presented in this book is designed to demonstrate what is possible with Google Apps Script. There is a lot that can be done and projects in this book are starter projects and exercises to help you learn about Apps Script. I do suggest that as you read the lessons of this book, to try the code alongside the lesson, so that you can see the code in action and test the various functions that will be presented.

You will need a Google Account in order to write Google Apps Script. Google Apps Script can be created directly within a web browser, the IDE for writing the code is online. Code does get saved files within your Google Drive.

Laurence Lars Svekis is a course author and creator with over 20 years of application development experience. Having taught over 1 million students worldwide both online and in person. Specializing in JavaScript coding, web programming and multiple coding languages. GDE (Google Developer Expert) for Google Workspace.

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