Getting Started with Coding JavaScript WebDev Setup Code editor and first JS files

Getting Started with Coding JavaScript WebDev Setup Code editor and first JS files

Explore how to start coding JavaScript – Project setup and more

Dynamic JavaScript WebPages DOM CSSGrid Create Page Elements

JavaScript DOM how to create page elements update style properties add events to web pages Interactive Dynamic Web

Explore how you can use JavaScript code to create a fully responsive Dynamically created grid of page elements.  Learn more about JavaScript DOM and how you can create interactive page content with JavaScript Code

Included – bonus downloadable PDF resource guide with source code and links to resources.

Dynamic Web Page Grid with JavaScript – Create Elements add Event Listeners to make page elements interactive.

Document.querySelector() – to select page elements from the DOM

Document.createElement() – Create elements with JavaScript

EventTarget.addEventListener() – adding interaction with click events on elements created using JavaScript Code

Select all the page elements that were created and update the style background color

Add buttons that allow the user to click and reset new background colors to each page element

Interactive page elements when clicked will update the background color of the entire body with the random color of the element set when it was created.

Have fun with code while learning more about the Document Object Model and how you can select, create and manipulate the page elements using JavaScript code.

Taught by an instructor with over 20 years of web development experience ready to help you learn more about JavaScript.

Source code included.

JavaScript code learning made fun with step by step lessons demonstrating at the start of each lesson what will be presented in the lesson.  Take this opportunity to learn more about how to code with JavaScript.

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