How to create JSON feed from Google Sheets Data

  1. Create a Google Sheet
  2. Under File Menu Select ‘Publish to the web
  1. Select under Link Sheet and as Web Page – Click Publish
  1. Check the URL provided to ensure page is visible on the web
  2. Copy Sheet ID
  1. Place the id in the JSON URL ‘’+id+’/1/public/values?alt=json’;
  2. const id = ‘1H2xq8J5uZKDABgu1JlvV-nVWKqZoV8_UpB_D_snOrLo’;
  3. const url = ‘’+id+’/1/public/values?alt=json’;

7. Open URL into a browser to ensure you can see data as JSON

8. Using fetch connect to the web URL with Sheet data.

Download PDF Guide

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