How to setup a website in less than 10 minutes with CSS grid responsive modern WebPage Setup

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Explore how you can create a website, apply CSS to HTML page elements for modern real world website design. Create a basic HTML CSS website template that you can use as a base structure for creating more websites. Setup the HTML page elements, including the header footer and main content area. Ådd a navigation bar and side menu. The upcoming lessons will help you learn to apply CSS to HTML elements. HTML and CSS are prerequisites as this course is designed to demonstrate applying and practicing CSS skills.
Learn how to create a website from scratch.

HTML CSS Grid Template Setup for the basic page structure 1
How to add a responsive CSS NavBar using CSS Grid styling blocks 4
Adding Placeholder content and Web Design styling with CSS 8
CSS setting Media Query with Final CSS style Updates 16

HTML CSS Grid Template Setup for the basic page structure
Plan a basic HTML structure using the semantic tags. Link to a stylesheet and apply display grid to the parent element. display: grid;
Setup the row heights within the grid-template-rows
Set the columns for the main and aside within the grid-template-columns
Set a start and end grid column for the elements that go across the entire full width. grid-column-start: 1; grid-column-end: 3;

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