JavaScript Array Methods Code plus 8 Video Examples Included FREE PDF Download Guide

JavaScript Coding Examples

This exercise will provide examples of code you can use to accomplish common tasks with array items.

  1. Create an array with some values, add empty values into the array items.
  2. Using the filter method then remove the duplicates in as few lines of code as possible.
  3. Provide several ways to loop through the items of the array and output the values into the console.
  4. make updates to the array, add new items to the beginning and end.
  5. Remove the first and last items from the array list
  6. Using Map create a new array from a previous array
  7. Try the callback within the map to add more functionality to the block of code.
  8. Create several additional arrays 
  9. Join them together
  10. Duplicate the array contents to a new array.
  11. Use the entries() method to create an iterator object of the array contents, output the results in the console.
  12. Create new arrays using the filter to only add selected items by condition.
  13. Check for values within the array, get the index value of the first occurrence, last occurrence, and the boolean result if it exists.

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