Laurence Svekis Full Course List on Udemy Courses 2021

Laurence Svekis 2021 Courses on Udemy : Sheet1
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jQuery Image Slider Project JavaScript HTML CSS Carousel
Explore how to create an image slider for your web pages with jQuery Image Carousel component rotate images on intervals
JavaScript DOM Modern Interactive Dynamic Web Pages & Games
Create Interactive and Dynamic Web Page content with JavaScript DOM manipulation All JavaScript Document Object Model
Google Spreadsheet Data API Apps Script Code JSON JavaScript How to use Data in a Google Sheet to output as JSON for your website sharing Google Sheets as JSON get data with AJAX
JavaScript AJAX 30 Projects Fetch Web APIs JSON coding Fun mini projects to explore using JavaScript to connect to APIs retrieve JSON data and use it within your web page
Google Apps Script Guide to the New IDE 2021 Google Services Explore the new Google Apps Script IDE new features to rapidly developer Code for Google Services
JavaScript 5 Projects JS Dynamic interactive DOM elements Perfect to practice and learn more about JavaScript and DOM interactions create useful components and more
Google Apps Script Complete Course New IDE 100+ Examples Google Apps Script New Version 2021 Create custom functions within G Suite Docs Sheets GMail Drive Calendar and more
JavaScript DOM Pacman Game Project Learn JavaScript Code Create a JavaScript Pacman game from scratch Vanilla JavaScript using Document Object Model DOM Game source code
CSS Modern Responsive Web Design Create 5 Different Sites Explore how you can create 5 Different Fully Responsive Mobile Ready websites CSS Grid CSS Flexbox Floats Plus
Google Apps Script Web App and Client Side Data Create a WebApp Send Data to your Spreadsheet Use Request Parameters to track users Generate new user sheets
JavaScript Math Games project for learning code from scratch JavaScript Game – Explore how YOU can create a fully dynamic Interactive Math Game From Scratch using JavaScript
100 New Features Of HTML5 Questions Examples and Solutions
Explore HTML5 test your knowledge – 100 HTML5 questions testing your knowledge about HTML5 and with Answers & Solutions
JavaScript Create 5 Fun Word Games make your own Web Games Do you want to create fun games using JavaScript – build 5 amazing interactive games perfect for kids using JavaScript
JavaScript Game for beginners Breakout HTML5 Game
Make a JavaScript Game – Create your first HTML5 Canvas JavaScript web based game from scratch explore how make a game
HTML5 JavaScript Battle War Canvas Game from Scratch Build a JavaScript Game using HTML5 canvas element for game screen and animations – Simple Fun interactive Game
Create an HTML5 Canvas game JavaScript MouseClick Popper Build a JavaScript Canvas Game from Scratch Bubble Popping game HTML5 Canvas Step by step coding to create a game
Create a Game HTML5 Canvas Simple Catcher Game JavaScript Explore how you can create an HTML5 Canvas based game from scratch using JavaScript Step by Step game creation
Create simple HTML5 Canvas Game with JavaScript Pong Game Create an HTML5 Game from scratch using JavaScript to draw on canvas apply animations and interaction with keyboard
G Suite Google Docs Introduction Increase Productivity Google Docs Explore how you can increase your productivity and learn more about using Google Docs Suggestions tips
Apps Script Track opened emails into Spreadsheet Project Google Apps Script with Email open tracking pixel to track if you email is opened using Google Web App Script and code
Apps Script Web App include Access Control via Sheet Data Create a web app control access using your Spreadsheet include files in the web app all using Google Apps Script
Google Apps Script Project Sheet UI custom Functions
Search Sheet data and select Sheet cells create custom Google Apps Script code to run within your Google Sheets G Suite
Create HTML Email from DOC template JSON endpoint Sheet data
Create a web app that outputs Google Sheet Data as JSON – Email a Google Doc as HTML code – Google Doc as HTML with Code
How to Create a WebApp using Google Apps Script webPages Explore how to setup a Google Apps Script Web App to run Frontend Code HTML CSS and JavaScript
Apps Script OnOpen Trigger new Web URL Project G Suite Explore Google Apps Script G Suite integration with Sheets, setup of Triggers and creating client side JavaScript
GDrive File Folder Manager with Google Apps Script Sheets Explore how you can create a fully functional Google App Connecting GDrive content – Search and return results
Website Email Form to GMail with Google Apps Script Explore how you can create a webform on your website that submits via POST to your gmail and auto responds
Modern Web Design Beginners HTML CSS JavaScript 25+ Projects
Web Design with HTML CSS JavaScript How to create Web Pages web development build websites create WebSites from scratch
G Suite Google Apps Script Spreadsheet Folder File Lister Explore how you can list your Google Drive content into a spreadsheet G Suite GDrive and Spreadsheet app content
Google Apps Script Spreadsheet Emailer Project
Explore how you can automate G Suite with Google Apps Script connect Spreadsheet data and send emails using GoogleScript
Motivation Increase your productivity How to achieve Get the results your deserve explore how to motivate yourself overcome obstacles and keep moving forward
The Complete G Suite Course Beginner to Advanced
Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Forms, Google Meet – Made Easy
HTML5 Canvas create 5 Games 5 Projects Learn JavaScript Create a 5 games 5 projects – Draw on Canvas – Amazing effects with JavaScript JavaScript on the HTML5 Canvas element
AJAX Quick Introduction to AJAX using xHR JavaScript Fetch Explore how you can use JavaScript to connect to API endpoints and get Data back to your web application fetch and xHR
JSON Quick Introduction JSON Data JavaScript using JSON EXPLORE HOW you can use JSON data within you frontend applications JavaScript JSON – Quick Introduction to JSON Data
Gdrive Folder Content Links JavaScript Application Explore how you can share your Google Drive Files links on your website -Use your drive as a file source for web visitor
Google Apps Script Emailer PDF maker from Doc Template
Using a Google Doc Template – Populate the data from a Spreadsheet – Generate PDFs and email them to the listed emails
Google Apps Script Slides Maker from SpreadSheet Data Create a time saving GSuite Google Apps Script project to automatically create a slide presentation from Sheet data
Quick Start Guide Node JS for Beginners Getting started Explore how you can get started with Node JS learn how to apply node and create mini applications with node code
CSS Learn CSS Quick Start Course for Beginners Web Design Explore how you can create CSS applying styling to HTML element
JavaScript Learn JavaScript Quick Course Beginners Fast Paced JavaScript Introduction course designed to get you started quickly – Core fundamental JavaScript Syntax
Task Tracking Application with Google Apps Script GSuite Explore what you can do with Google Apps Script and how you can use it to Create a Task Tracking web app
Google Sites Google Apps Script File Sharing Mini Web App Explore creating a mini application from scratch that will allow uploads of files to a Google Drive Folder.
HTML Learn HTML5 in 1 Hour Quick Learn Course Beginners Explore HTML and how you can begin creating web content writing HTML code for web pages All the Source Code included
JavaScript DOM Game Blackjack JavaScript Game from Scratch
Explore JavaScript Document Object Model web page element updates manipulation using JavaScript code to create a GAME
JavaScript Page Scroll Endless Scroll Vanilla JavaScript AJAX request on page bottom to load more content, fetch request to an API return more conten load JavaScript
Bootstrap 4 Quick Website Bootstrap Components Course
Bootstrap 4 for rapid website development – fundamentals of Bootstrap 4 websites, applying components create web pages
Bootstrap 4 Single Page Website Bootstrap 4 explore how you can build a single page website using Bootstrap 4 fully responsive website from scratch Bootstrap
Bootstrap 4 Beginners Guide Bootstrap 4 Rapid Web Design Bootstrap 4 used to create a website from scratch introduction to the basics of Bootstrap 4 a rapid responsive website
CSS Flexbox Quick introduction to using FlexBox CSS style Explore how you can use Flexbox to layout page elements
JavaScript Accordion JavaScript Programming Exercise Javascript Project for beginners – create a fully functional JavaScript Accordion manipulate JavaScript DOM events
AJAX API JSON Connect to JSON data using AJAX webpage JavaScript for beginners JavaScript Objects and JSON data for web pages AJAX request for JSON data to use in JavaScript
LocalHost easy setup Node and Express Do you need to setup Localhost – Want a quick easy way to setup your developer environment using the http protocol?
Apps Script Web App FUN API and JSON Data Spreadsheet
Output Spreadsheet data as a web app URL with JSON feed of contents of the Spreadsheet. Run code and customize endpoint
Free Hosted Website on GitPages and simple Git Guide Explore how you can get started with GitHub create a hosted webpage from your repo and lots more
Chrome DevTools Introduction Web Developers Guide
Learn how use Chrome DevTools improve on Debugging, Customize look and feel and learn some shortcuts for Web development
Getting Started Web Development Tools and Resources Basics of web development – how to get started learning and understanding the basic foundations for web development
Getting Started with Google Sites Easy website setup Explore how easy it is to quickly create a website using Google Sites best of all free to create sites drag and drop
Quick Start to Google Apps Script Coding Explore the basics of getting started with Google Apps Script
Google Apps Script Make Images HTML5 Canvas save to Gdrive Using HTML5 Canvas upload images make customizations and save to your Google Drive.
Google Apps Script Advanced YouTube Video API Explore how you can build a web app that searches YouTube and returns video data using Google Apps Script
Google Script Apps Fun with Spreadsheets Mini Projects Explore some of the amazing things you can do with Google Apps Script within Google Spreadsheets
Google Apps Script Gmail Inbox images move to Gdrive Folder Using Google Apps Script check your inbox folder for images you sent to yourself, use apps script to create a copy
Google Apps Script Build 28+ Fun Projects Sites G Suite Explore Google Apps Script see amazing Google Apps Script projects build power up your GSuite Google Apps Script Plus
Google Apps Script WYSIWYG editor and email HTML maker Google Script Apps Google Apps Script WYSIWYG editor and email HTML maker
Google Script Apps Email From Spreadsheet list Google Script Apps Google Script Apps Email From Spreadsheet list
Google Drive Image Gallery Website JavaScript Google Script
Create a dynamic image gallery getting images from your Google Drive Folder and placing them on your website JavaScript
Google Spreadsheet API Apps Script and JavaScript AJAX from your web application to Google Apps Script Web App API to get data from Google Spreadsheet
Google Script Form Submission Response and Spreadsheet Data Explore how you can submit data to Google Spreadsheet update the data and send emails on form submission.
Web APIs JavaScript Fetch getting JSON data Fun with APIs Explore how to connect to various web APIs using JavaScript fetch. Use the returned data JSON data within you Code.
Google Apps Script How to Setup simple Twitter Posting Bot Use content from your Google Spreadsheet post to your Twitter account automatically – source code included
Pure JavaScript Calculator Code ES6 Learn JavaScript Explore how you can create a fully functional JavaScript calculator with only JavaScript – simple project to practice
jQuery Memory Game Project How to code a Project with jQuery Wanna play a game? How about learn to create one? Create a web based memory game from scratch using jQuery
API Quiz Game JavaScript Project Google SpreadSheet Data
Explore how to connect to a Google Sheet Data JSON feed and use the data to create a dynamic web quiz game application
JavaScript DOM Deal Game How to Create a JavaScript Game Explore JavaScript in a fun interactive game development course that provides an opportunity to apply JavaScript DOM
Brackets Editor Tools and Resources for web developers Introduction to using Brackets code editor to write code. Explore how to customize and see features of Brackets
Google Apps Script Beginners Guide PDF uploader Project App Learn how to create amazing things with Google Apps Script – Google Spreadsheet App, Google Mail, Google Drive
Website Hosting for beginners cPanel with Siteground account Explore how you can get online create your first Website Hosting and get your own website URL using common cPanel
Learn HTML Introduction to creating your first website Explore how to write HTML code to create a website with source code and step by step instructions
GMail Productivity Complete Gmail course to Get things Done
Master Gmail GSuite learn gmail features loaded with Tips and Resources Gmail Become more productive email management
Google Apps Script Create a Project Management App Project Introduction to using Google Apps Script to create a GSuite integrated project management app within Spreadsheets
JavaScript DOM Course Dynamic Interactive webpages beginners Learn to create Dynamic and Interactive web pages using JavaScript. JavaScript Document Object Model – For Beginners
Google Apps Script Quick Start Beginner Guide Google Apps Script allows you to power up you G Suite with amazing functionality based on JavaScript
JavaScript DOM Course for Beginners Interactive Web Pages JavaScript DOM Course for Beginners Interactive Web Pages
Google Apps Script Form Submission Send Email Explore how to apply Google Apps Script to form submission using Trigger to automatically run a set of code
Google Apps Script for Beginners Amazing Things with Code Getting started with Google Apps Script see what amazing things you can do automate Google Suite of Products
Local SQLite Database with Node for beginners Explore how to apply NodeJS to make your web content come to life – explore how to create a local database
Introduction to Node js for beginners with game project Explore how to apply NodeJS to make your web content come to life – explore the core foundations of NodeJS
Google Calendar Live feed to your website Google Apps Script Explore how you can create a live feed of your Google Calendar entries using Google Apps Script – Add data Spreadsheets
Modern JavaScript fundamentals for Beginners JavaScript ES6 Learn how to apply JavaScript to make your web content come to life – explore the core foundations of writing code
JavaScript Objects and OOP Programming with JavaScript Use objects to create amazing things with JavaScript power up your applications OOP JavaScript coding
JavaScript Data Pagination Code JavaScript ES6 Project Code Explore how you can create dynamic pagination for data pages using JavaScript. Create clickable links to more content
JavaScript AJAX JSON API for Beginners Learn JavaScript ES6 JavaScript Explore JSON connecting to APIs using JavaScript. Setup your own JSON server practice AJAX and JSON locally
Learn HTML5 Canvas Drawing with JavaScript in 1 hour
Explore how you can use JavaScript to draw on HTML5 element make interactive drawing application download and save image
Starter Guide to OOP JavaScript Objects Use objects to create amazing things with JavaScript power up your applications OOP JavaScript coding
JavaScript Breakout Game from scratch with only JavaScript JavaScript and the DOM – explore how YOU can create amazing things with Javascript – interact with content and more.
JavaScript Fetch and Promise Learn JavaScript ES6 Project How to use Fetch and promises to get all content back from an API iterating threw next pages one object All JavaScript
55 Modern JavaScript Dynamic Interactive Projects Games Build Real Projects! ES6 AJAX JavaScript Projects Apps Build 55+ Projects Modern JavaScript Games Portfolio Games DOM
JavaScript Core fundamentals Learn JavaScript Here Code ES6 Learn the core fundamentals of JavaScript and how to use JavaScript creating web applications.
JavaScript DOM Coding Modern Dynamic interactive web pages Document Object Model Power your websites make things happen online – JavaScript to create interactive web pages
JavaScript YouTube API Course Explore how to connect to web API’s like YouTube and get data from the API place it on your web page using JavaScript
Modern JavaScript Advanced coding power up your web content JavaScript Course Useful methods and JavaScript code snippets power up your code and make even more happen with it.
JavaScript Element Catcher Game JavaScript Mini Project Wanna play a game and practice JavaScript DOM manipulation – Explore how you can APPLY JavaScript to create a game
DOM Commander JavaScript Project Course RealWorld JavaScript JavaScript DOM Commander fun interactive web application that explores element manipulation all using JavaScript
JavaScript learn DOM JavaScript DOM project code examples Explore how you can apply JavaScript to practice and learn more about how to manipulate the DOM using JavaScript
JavaScript Alien Invaders Game Project Course Learn JavaScript by applying JavaScript to build a fun interactive Game based on DOM element interaction
JavaScript Card War Game Project Course Create a dynamic fully functional card game using JavaScript – source code is included build your own version
JavaScript Cookie Tester web application Explore how you can use JavaScript to set get and remove cookies from the Document Object Learn JavaScript
JavaScript Form Validation Web application Learn JavaScript and how to apply form validation features to form fields on form submission
Google Apps Script CalendarApp and SpreadsheetApp Project Create interactive application – connect Google Spreadsheet to track Calendar events and create Calendar events
JavaScript CSV file creator Google spreadSheet to CSV code Explore how you can use JavaScript to create a clickable link to download a JavaScript generated CSV file
How to create a JavaScript Game Number Guessing Game Project Learn JavaScript and how to apply JavaScript within a fun real world project creating a number guessing game
Create Games JavaScript make 2 Game projects from scratch Learn JavaScript while building 2 dynamic and interactive games from scratch – JavaScript element selection with DOM
JavaScript 3 practice projects Input form Exercise Generator Learn JavaScript creating 3 unique interactive projects from scratch – JavaScript DOM element selection and manipulation
JavaScript in Action 3 projects DOM JavaScript mini apps Explore how to create interactive applications. Learn to apply JavaScript to build applications useful code snippet
JavaScript in Action create 3 fun JavaScript coding projects Explore how you can build interactive and dynamic web content using JavaScript to create fun mini projects
JavaScript Game Create a flying bird game fun learn DOM Use JavaScript connect with Elements and create a game while practicing learning JavaScript and Document Object Model
JavaScript DOM based Game Plane Bomber web Game from Scratch Explore how you can build a JavaScript DOM game from scratch – Perfect to explore and practice JavaScript
JavaScript in Action 3 useful code components Apply JavaScript to build applications and useful code snippets Modal, Image carousel, Star Rating component JavaScript
JavaScript Practice Projects Create 3 Mini Apps From Scratch Apply JavaScript to build applications and useful code snippets – Just JavaScript click counter app.
JavaScript code 3 code mini projects practice coding DOM JavaScript examples of mini applications you can build Apply JavaScript to build applications and useful code snippets
JavaScript Car Driving Game from scratch with source code Learn how you can build a car game from scratch practice exercise building a fun mini application
JavaScript Word Scramble Game from scratch course Practice exercise to apply JavaScript building a fun interactive game application from scratch
Learn JavaScript 5 Practice Projects Learn JavaScript Code Source Code and step by step instruction to build 5 mini JavaScript applications from scratch
JavaScript – Click Shape Game from Scratch Build a Click Shape Game from scratch using JavaScript – learn to apply JavaScript while building a mini application
JavaScript practice build a game Card game Perfect practice exercise for learning JavaScript and applying JavaScript to build a fun interactive game
JavaScript Project 3 Practice applications from Scratch Learn JavaScript Build 3 Interactive JavaScript Based Games step by step lessons
JavaScript Practice building 5 mini applications Learn JavaScript building 5 web applications from scratch practice applying JavaScript to build mini projects and apps
JavaScript Game Exercise Create a Quick Click Popper Game JavaScript DOM Document Object Model – Explore how to manipulate elements while building a fun interactive game
Form Submission Application using Google Suite Google Script No Database or Server solution to send and log emails from your website using Google Script and JavaScript
Dynamic Quiz App using Google Sheets as source Google Script Create your own web applications that uses Google Spreadsheet data to build quizzes and JavaScript to build the website
HTML CSS JavaScript for Beginners Modern Web Design Course Explore how to build amazing interactive and dynamic websites using HTML – CSS – JavaScript and jQuery
API for beginners JavaScript Getting Started with APIs AJAX Explore using JavaScript XHR and fetch to connect to multiple web API endpoints retrieve JSON data and update HTML
JavaScript AJAX XHR for beginners Explore JavaScript AJAX how to connect to web APIs retrieve JSON data to output in your web application using JavaScript
JSON JavaScript Data Quick Course JSON for beginners Learn how JSON works and how you can use JSON data via JavaScript in your web applications and web site
jQuery Coding Fundamentals Explore jQuery Code Examples JQUERY Coding Course Easy Document Object Manipulation with the most popular JavaScript Library jQuery Coding
Google Apps Script Project Website Spreadsheet Data Storage Explore how you can use Google Sheets to store data submitted directly from your own website using an HTML form
JavaScript DOM Example code Interactive Dynamic JavaScript Create Dynamic and Interactive web pages with JavaScript and the DOM
JavaScript course – Learn core concepts of JavaScript Introduction to JavaScript create dynamic and interactive content online. Learn JavaScript fundamental coding concepts.
Introduction to CSS – Complete Beginner to Expert Course Explore how you can apply Cascading Style Sheets CSS to webpages to customize the presentation of your content
Google Apps Script – Project Exercise Spreadsheet web app Learn the power of Google Script and see how you can connect Google Spreadsheet as a data source for a post board
Introduction to HTML Complete Beginner to Expert Course Learn how to code in HTML from scratch. Perfect for beginners and anyone who wants to learn HTML
Google Sheets as JSON data source for JavaScript Explore how you can setup your Google Spreadsheet to output as JSON and then Fetch the data using JavaScript
JavaScript Game Exercise – WildWest Shootout Game Practice Learn and practice using JavaScript – Explore how to manipulate the Document Object Model with JavaScript
JavaScript Objects – Explore and learn about Objects Learn and practice JavaScript Objects explore ways to construct them access and utilize data within JavaScript Objects
JavaScript Exercise – Tank Shooter Game from Scratch Build a JavaScript Game from scratch using only JavaScript no libraries no canvas – DOM manipulation Practice exercise
JavaScript Fundamentals ES6 for beginners Learn JavaScript fundamental coding concepts. Including new ES6 syntax, start using JavaScript within web pages
JSON – Beginners Guide to learning JSON with JavaScript Explore JSON and how JavaScript Objects can be used to access data within JSON data format and output to your web page
Google Apps Script Consent Form Exercise – JavaScript Cloud Practice Exercise for Learning how to use Google Apps Scripts – Track within a Spreadsheet, send email, convert to PDF
JavaScript Exercise Local Storage Task List Learn JavaScript with this quick practice exercise to apply JavaScript in building a Task List using Local Storage
JavaScript Draw on HTML5 Canvas Element Explore how to use JavaScript to draw on HTML5 element – Practice exercise for JavaScript
JavaScript Exercise Countdown Timer Explore how to apply JavaScript to create a countdown timer – Practice exercise for JavaScript
Google Script – DocumentApp for Beginners Explore how to apply Google Script to extend functionality of documentApp within Apps Script
Apps Script Form Data Handler Exercise Google Form Sheet Use Google Apps Script to add advanced functions to Form submissions sending emails automatically to users and more.
Car Racer JavaScript Game Exercise Vanilla JavaScript Explore how to create a custom JavaScript Car racer game from scratch using only JavaScript – Practice Exercise
Image Uploader App with Google Apps Script Google Apps Scripts lets you connect the power of Googles Products together to easily build Amazing web applications
Google Apps Script Complete Course Beginner to Advanced Learn to power up your Google Suite of products using Apps Script to connect – automate – add advanced functionality
JavaScript Game Code Project make a Breakout Game Exercise Learn more about JavaScript functionality how you can make page elements dynamic and interactive all using JavaScript
JavaScript Exercise – Target Blaster Game from Scratch Learn and practice JavaScript with this fun game building exercise course
JavaScript Game Exercise built from scratch Catch Objects Explore how you can learn and practice JavaScript building a fun interactive game from Scratch. JavaScript practice
Google Sites – Getting started Guide to Quick Websites Learn how to setup a Quick and Easy website with the New Free Google Sites Explore the options and see whats possible
Twitter API JavaScript Node Exercise Explore the Twitter Developer API connect from your local machine. Use AJAX JavaScript and Node to setup twitter search
AJAX API exercise Crypto Currency Data Application
Learn AJAX and how to make requests from Node server. Connect to web APIs retrieve data and output JSON data into HTML
jQuery Wack a Mole Game Exercise Exercise to build a mini jQuery game from scratch Wack a Mole. Step by step how to build from scratch
Node JS Create a Restful API for beginners JavaScript jQuery For beginners learn to setup a Restful API that can send AJAX requests to the node server backend from jQuery frontend
Website from Scratch HTML and CSS for Beginners Exercise to practice building a web page from scratch using HTML CSS and JavaScript
AJAX API exercises JavaScript Trivia web application Create a Trivia Application using JavaScript and AJAX retrieving data from various web API endpoints
JavaScript projects AJAX information application exercise Explore APIs with JavaScript AJAX to get data from popular web APIs and output it on your web page
AJAX Tester Application XHR Fetch jQuery Axios Build an AJAX GET and POST request sending testing web application from scratch using JavaScript
Google Sheet Data API JSON AJAX Use data from your Google Sheet in your website, GET and POST content to Google Sheets using AJAX and Google Script
Exercise JSON server with AJAX practice application Learn JSON and practice making XHR requests and receiving responses in JavaScript Setup a JSON server locally
AJAX using JavaScript Libraries jQuery and Axios Learn how to make AJAX requests from the most popular JavaScript libraries including jQuery and Axios
AJAX JavaScript XHR and Fetch Learn how to use AJAX within your web applications, Course covers vanilla JavaScript using XMLHttpRequests and Fetch
Complete JSON AJAX API Code Course Beginner to Professional
Learn how to use JSON and get JSON data using AJAX Course includes practice exercises and examples using JSON & AJAX
JSON Checklist Practice Exercise Learn JSON Build a JSON data checklist using JavaScript from scratch. Practice and learn JSON with JavaScript Objects
Easy CLI Live server setup for node localhost Setup your own localhost on your computer in minutes using node npm liveserver
jQuery API Exercise Youtube Data WebSite AJAX connect to YouTube API get JSON data use it within your applications
jQuery Practice Game Project for Beginners Color Guesser Learn and practice jQuery within this unique mini project that uses jQuery and JavaScript to build an interactive game
jQuery Practice Project for Beginners Lock Combo Guesser Build an interactive web application from scratch using jQuery and JavaScript
jQuery Practice Exercises for Beginners Building Forms All jQuery practice exercise building 2 projects from scratch using jQuery
JavaScript for beginners – Quick JavaScript Fundamentals Learn the core fundamental concepts of JavaScript and how to start using JavaScript within web pages
jQuery Course Beginner to Professional jQuery for beginners jQuery for beginners jQuery Exercises Included with Source Code. Create Dynamic Interactive web content jQuery Coding
Website from Scratch in 1 hour using Bootstrap 4 Learn how to build a modern fully responsive website from scratch using Bootstrap 4
Quick Guide to Bootstrap 4 Learn whats new with Bootstrap 4 and how to apply Bootstrap 4 for rapid modern website design and development
Bootstrap 4 Single Page Website from Scratch Build a fully responsive modern website in less than an hour using Bootstrap 4
Website from Scratch using Bootstrap 4 Apply Bootstrap 4 class to build a modern website from scratch
How to Create a Website using Bootstrap 4 Create a multiple page website using Bootstrap
Create a website Bootstrap 4 rapid websites development Rapid web development and design with Bootstrap 4 Beta Build a website from Scratch
The Complete JavaScript Course – Beginner to Professional The only course you need to become a JavaScript developer – 45 JavaScript projects, ES6, JSON, AJAX & much more!
Bootstrap 4 for Beginners – Build 5 Websites from scratch Explore Bootstrap 4 and learn how to apply layouts, use components, utilities for rapid website design and development
JavaScript War card game project from Scratch Explore how to build this JavaScript Game from Scratch based on the card game war. Step by step learning JavaScript
JavaScript Memory Game coding project Explore how you can build a custom JavaScript Memory game from Scratch learn JavaScript by working on this project
JavaScript for beginners JavaScript Fundamentals concepts Learn the basics of JavaScript with code examples JavaScript is key to making web page content dynamic and interactive
Google Script How to Update Google Sheet data from a web App Explore how you can use Google Script to connect Google Apps and with web apps to update your Google Spreadsheet
Google Script Create Google Docs on the fly from templates Google Scripts is a powerful resource with so much to offer. This course covers Google Script, drive, sheets, docs
Interactive JavaScript DOM Introduction to the DOM Course Learn how to make webpages Dynamic and Interactive using JavaScript to influence and manipulate page elements
Google Script application Connecting to Twitter API and more Connect to the Twitter API collecting Tweet object information neatly as rows in Google Sheets using Google App Script
Uploading images to PHP Server via AJAX Explore how you can use AJAX and HTML forms to upload images to PHP servers
Get Google Sheets as JSON data for web applications Learn how to do more with Google Sheets integrate it the data into your own Applications get web app urls for the data
Infinite Scroll Project AJAX MySQL API PHP jQuery Explore how to create a web application that sends requests to the server for additional data as users scroll the page
JavaScript Essentials Get started with web coding Explore how you can write JavaScript code to create more interactive content online
CSS Floats quick simple web templates Explore CSS floats to quickly create web page layouts with columns
Learn JSON for beginners with JavaScript Beginners Guide to Exploring JSON datawith JavaScript.
JavaScript High Low Card Game Project From Scratch Explore how to create an interactive dynamic web application from scratch. Built using JavaScript CSS and HTML together
Getting started with JavaScript Learn JavaScript Variables, Loops, Functions, Conditions, Objects, Arrays and more. Intro course for Beginners
JavaScript HTML Game from Scratch Blackjack Learn how to create a web application from scratch. Apply JavaScript to HTML and CSS to build a Blackjack application
JavaScript Basics made easy for beginners Quick start to learning JavaScript for beginners, explore how to write JavaScript with script examples and exercises
Learn CSS Web Design Development Beginner CSS introduction CSS masterclass learn how to apply styling to HTML elements
Learn HTML Masterclass Learn HTML step by step lessons with source code and exercises to learn and explore HTML code for web design
Explore how to start Web Development Learn the fundamental concepts to creating websites how websites works and how they get created
Front-end Web developer MasterClass HTML CSS JavaScript Learn HTML CSS JavaScript all in one place packed with exercises and source code with examples
Google Apps Google Script – Content System Web App Project Learn to Build a custom web application using Google Scripts connecting Google Apps together
AJAX PHP server side validation JSON response Create form validation from PHP JSON formatted responses using jQuery AJAX requests sending data to PHP code
Responsive HTML and CSS website from Scratch in under 1 hour
Explore using HTML and CSS to create custom websites. Web Design and web development from scratch source code included
Interactive Dynamic JavaScript for beginners DOM JavaScript can make your web pages come to life. Learn how to make your HTML and CSS code interactive and dyanmic
Learn HTML and CSS together for Beginners Learn how to make websites using HTML and CSS This course is for beginners step by step to create a completed website
Easy Local Server Setup for Web development Explore how to setup your own custom local web development environment with 3 different options for local server
PHP connections to MySQL Learn how to connect a MySQL database to your PHP application. Learn MySQLi connection code and Object oriented PHP
Learn JavaScript for beginners Explore the fundamental concepts of JavaScript and how to being adding JavaScript to your web pages
Setup AMPPS localhost for web development Learn how to setup and run an AMPPS local server. Develop, trouble shoot and test PHP and database applications locally
Setup XAMPP run a local server web development Explore the options for setting and configuring your local web development environment. Easy local machine setup
Explore JavaScript Beginners Guide to Coding JavaScript Get started with JavaScript explore the foundations of writing JavaScript code and learn to create interactive content
PHP in Action for beginners Explore PHP learn about common PHP functionality for better coding. Quick review of PHP Getting to know PHP
Complete Beginners Guide to Learning PHP Learn how to write PHP code. Beginners quick start guide to learning the foundations of PHP coding
Beginners Introduction to Web Development Overview about creating content online, how websites work and top resources to use to create web content
AJAX connection to MySQL PHP API Learn how you can create a simple database API which can be accessed from frontend code, updated and more
Rapid Website Design with Bootstrap Learn how to use Bootstrap to apply classes to HTML pages for styling. Make responsive websites from scratch quickly
Bootstrap 4 Website Built from scratch in 1 hour
Explore how to Create amazing Fully Responsive websites from scratch step by step how to add Bootstrap to your webpages
Introduction to using Git Learn more about using Git for source file storage and version control. Course features Git access with GUI and CLI
Get to know HTML Learn HTML Basics
Step by Step introduction to HTML Explore HTML coding and how you can get started creating your own Web Content pages
Shopping Cart Website from Scratch Ecommerce How to build a fully functional web storage shopping cart that integrates with Paypal. Step by step instruction webdev
Bootstrap Migrating from previous versions Guide to understanding upcoming changes with Bootstrap 4 and how to upgrade Bootstrap 3
Learn jQuery AJAX in 1 hour Guide to getting started with AJAX use jQuery to make seamless connections to external data sources and APIs
Learn JSON with JavaScript Objects and APIs in 1 hour Guide to learning how to use JavaScript Objects and create and use JSON as a JavaScript Object
Learn JavaScript AJAX in 1 hour Guide to Dynamic JavaScript send and receive data from external files. No page reload create JavaScript Objects JSON
Dynamic JavaScript Master Class AJAX JSON Simple APIs Learn how to use AJAX to send data to your web server and get response data back to output in your web applciation
Introduction to Git For Beginners Course Learn more about using Git for source file storage and version control. Course features Git access with GUI and CLI
Getting Started with HTML Learn HTML Step by Step guide to learning HTML for everyone. Learn the core foundation to writing HTML code for Modern websites
The Bootstrap for Rapid Web Development Course Alpha Ver Learn Bootstrap and how to apply Bootstrap to create amazing responsive ready websites quickly and easily
Building Websites Create a fully functional Web contact form Step by step guide on how to create a submit-able web form scratch using HTML CSS jQuery Bootstrap and PHP
Building Websites Learn Bootstrap for Rapid Web Development
Learn how to add Bootstrap classes to create amazing Bootstrap effects responsive web projects and rapid modern websites
Introduction to jQuery Web Development Explore how you can easily add advanced functionality to your web projects by adding jQuery. JQuery for web development
Building Websites JavaScript and the DOM Learn how to create interactive, dynamic effects on your website with JavaScript using the DOM
Web Development Building Websites Web Design HTML and CSS Step by step guide for getting started with using HTML and CSS for building websites.
Website development HTML CSS creating a single page website Explorer how websites are made. Learn about creating your own website from scratch using HTML CSS and jQuery
Web Design Creating websites from scratch Explore how to build websites using HTML, CSS and jQuery. Step by step guide to how websites are built from scratch
Web Development Make a Single Page Website Carousel controls Create your own custom website HTML CSS and jQuery together step by step learning website creation
Website Development Build single Page Website Parallax site Step by step guide to building a modern single page website from scratch
Web Design How to Create a Website HTML CSS Bootstrap Complete guide to learning how to build an HTML CSS website that is fully Responsive and ready for mobile devices
Web Design HTML CSS How to Create a Website from Scratch Learn how to Build a Mobile Ready Fully Responsive Website From Scratch Using HTML and CSS to develop a website
WordPress Plugins and Widgets Guide to using WordPress How Plugins and Widgets work and which ones are most commonly used.
WordPress Content Management Backup Guide to WordPress management. Managing content online top useful tips, resources to plan and create online content
WordPress Look and Feel with Themes
Learn more about using WordPress how to customise WordPress Themes and how to select that perfect Theme for WordPress
WordPress for Entrepreneurs Management of your own website Learn how to setup your own WordPress CMS website. Manage your website no coding required. Get your own website
WordPress for Business Using the WordPress Dashboard Learn how to use the WordPress Dashboard get familiar with WordPress guide
WordPress Setup Install Guide Setting up a website Setup Your own Website in Minutes with WordPress No coding and easy to get starting Total control of own website
Web Design Responsive Website Template from Scratch HTML CSS Mobile First Web Design how to build a simple website template from scratch using HTML and CSS
Web Design Website From Scratch HTML CSS Responsive Design Web Design learn how to build your own website from scratch using HTML and CSS step by step guide tools and resources
Web Design Modern SinglePage Website from Scratch Bootstrap
Guide to learning how to create websites, using Bootstrap. Real world web design step by step guide to HTML CSS design
How to create Websites Build 10 Websites From Scratch
Build 10+ complete websites from scratch, supercharge your portfolio learn how to create websites HTML CSS JavaScript
Web Design HTML CSS Create Single Page Website from Scratch Step by Step guide to building a single page website from scratch Learn how to use HTML CSS JavaScript jQuery together
JavaScript Dynamic Quiz Application from Scratch JSON AJAX
Step by Step guide to creating a Dynamic Web based JavaScript Quiz which uses a JSON data source file to generate a quiz
Learn JavaScript core concepts web programming Learn JavaScript one of the most popular and dynamic programming languages for creating and developing websites
HTML CSS Learn to create a website from scratch
Step by step guide to learning the fundamental building blocks of web development. Learn how to create HTML and CSS code
VueJS V1 Introduction to VueJS JavaScript Framework
Complete guide to getting started with VueJS easy to learn JavaScript Framework for data binding and dynamic web content
Learn Vue 1 JS introduction to simple reactive JavaScript Starting point introduction to Vuejs and how to use Vuejs to create interactive dynamic content via JavaScript and Vuejs
PHP MySQL database connections Learn to connect to a MySQL database with PHP code how to select, update, delete, insert content to a MySQL database
Get started with Bootstrap how to make websites from scratch
Learn to create website quickly using Bootstrap the most popular HTML CSS JavaScript Framework online
How to use JavaScript Objects JSON AJAX explained Quick guide to using JSON together with AJAX to create Dynamic interaction for web content
Bootstrap 4 Course Updated 3 websites with Bootstrap 4 In this complete course students will learn how utilize Bootstrap to create webpages. HTML CSS JavaScript jQuery
Learn to Code JavaScript web designers and developers quick Quick Guide to learning JavaScript create more dynamic and interactive web content
JavaScript manipulation of the DOM Document Object Model
Access HTML elements using JavaScript make updates, set up event listeners and create new HTML elements.
JavaScript JSON and AJAX Explained JavaScript Objects Learn about JavaScript Object Notation and how to utilize it in JavaScript as object data
JavaScript Everything Arrays Arrays are a fundamental building blocks of JavaScript this course will help you better understand how to utilize arrays
Guide to learning JavaScript Everything you need to learn how to write JavaScript code from scratch The complete web developer JavaScript Course
Create Dynamic web Forms with jQuery Guide to accessing form content and utilizing the data within jQuery and JavaScript code
CSS Box Model Padding Margins Borders How to work with the CSS Box model learning about Margins Padding and Borders for HTML elements
How to create HTML Forms Learn how to create forms using HTML common HTML input tags and source code included
How to create a website from scratch HTML CSS course Using HTML and CSS to create a website Learn how to structure HTML and apply CSS to make web templates
Modern Web Design HTML5 CSS3 beginners guide to Websites
Quick introdcution to HTML and CSS Core concepts, techniques and terminology of modern web design
How to make a website HTML CSS for Beginners Course Learn how to create HTMl code and apply CSS Complete guide to creating a website from scratch using HTML and CSS
Total Frontend Website Creation HTML CSS JavaScript jQuery Comprehensive Course on How to create websites Learn to create websites the complete front end web developer course
Learn jQuery for beginners web development Quick and easy Guide to working with jQuery Learn to add jQuery to your webpages most popular JavaScript library website
JavaScript in Action JavaScript Projects Guide to create JavaScript coded applications like an online calculator from scratch
introduction to HTML Course Learn the basics of starting to use HTML and how to create a website
Quick Start for learning HTML basics Simple example of HTML tags and how to use them
PHP Database Connections to MYSQL Easily to follow step by step guide to using PHP and MySQL databases
AJAX with jQuery Basics Beginner Introduction Course Learn to add AJAX to your website straight forward direct skill learning how to use jquery and create ajax requests
Learn jQuery by Example Course Introduction to the wonderful world of using jQuery to increase speed. Learn to power Dynamic and interactive web 2.0
Guide to Front-End Web Development and Design
Complete guide to learning how to program online HTML CSS HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery
Learn PHP Basics Guide to learning the core concept of PHP coding, covering fundamental PHP coding syntax and how to use it
SEO Basics Tips for Ranking Better Over 250 SEO tips to help improve your search engine ranking SEO guide to website content and online success
Power up HTML5 with JavaScript Learn some amazing JavaScript API and HTML5 technologies Use JavaScript with HTML5 to create interactive content
JSON AJAX data transfer to MySQL database using PHP Create a dynamic input form that can add data and retrieve data from a MySQL database!​
Learn to use JSON Use JSON to exchange data between server end code and front end code using AJAX create dynamic JSON file with PHP
Basics of CSS Learn the fundamentals of applying styling to HTML code, CSS syntax and how to use it. Simple guide to getting started
Learn Adobe Brackets Free open source code editor Brackets is an open source text editor this course will show you what you can do with it
Basics of JavaScript coding Learn JavaScript in under 1 hour Core concepts and fundamentals of JavaScript
Getting Started with HTML Simple introduction to learning HTML learn in under 1 hour how to use HTML
Canvas image Creator HTML5 JavaScript project from Scratch
HTML5 JavaScript Jquery project from scratch learn by example. Step by step awesome application built from Scratch
Introduction to HTML5 Canvas basics of drawing Beginners Guide to working with JavaScript and HTML5 canvas
Building HTML5 Canvas projects from scratch Learn to create several useful code projects using html5 canvas JavaScript. Learn by example as we build these projects
HTML5 canvas Bootcamp for beginners 25 easy steps Basic introduction to about how to use canvas element on your webpage JavaScript dynamic image generation
HTML5 course for Beginners Learn to Create websites Learn to make your own website from scratch everything included Easy to follow Complete guide to web design
Learn HTML5 Canvas for beginners Learn how to create drawings using JavaScript on HTML5 Canvas Course covers basics of how to use Canvas and Draw
JavaScript Basics for Beginners Introduction to coding
Learn the foundations of JavaScript coding develop the core skills you need to apply JavaScript to your web projects
Learn JavaScript Dynamic Interactive Projects for Beginners Bring HTML code to life with JavaScript. Access and update your web code with JavaScript through the DOM
HTML5 CSS3 JQUERY Single Page Website Project from Scratch
Build your own website from scratch Step by Step easy to follow guide web development. Learn to use HTML5 CSS3 JQUERY
Build a website HTML5 CSS3 Beginner Course Complete Starters Guide to Creating a website form scratch HTML5 CSS3 PHP contact from Responsive Design Templates
JavaScript for Beginners Welcome to learning JavaScript Learn JavaScript here Simple to follow step by step guide building JavaScript code from scratch beginner course
Star Rating Project AJAX with JSON response from PHP MySQL
Get dynamic data response using JQuery and AJAX to return PHP server content
Learn how to get your own website quickly
Learn the best ways to get a website quickly how to create your own website an get online in minutes
SEO for Webmasters Thinking SEO
Web developers Guide to creating Search Optimized Websites better ranking and smarter website design and development
Create a Dynamic User Registration Form from scratch
Complete guide to creating an interactive dynamic login and user registration system connecting frontend & backend code
Twitter Integration customize Tweets with developer API learn to add Twitter content to your website. Use the Twitter REST API to access Twitter Developer Content
API introduction use JavaScript AJAX JSON Social Connections
Learn how to integrate APIs into your web content Twitter API Google Maps Facebook API JSON AJAX developer guide
Beginners Guide to JavaScript Dynamic HTML interaction Quick Crash course about using JavaScript to create Dynamic Web content Introduction to the Document Object Model
HTML5 Game from scratch step by step learning JavaScript Learn how to create HTML5 and JavaScript games from scratch Step by step tutorials with real HTML5 code examples
HTML CSS Easy steps to create a web template from scratch
Complete easy to follow guide to create your own web template using HTML and CSS Quick Crash course for beginners
Roadmap to success for web entrepreneurs
Guide to getting started as a business creating websites. Web developer business resources and helpful guide
JQuery Create Overlay Popups from scratch using Jquery
Modal popups, enter popups and timed popups can help keep your traffic on your website. Make them using jQuery
Create a Website from Scratch using HTML CSS step by step
A beginner guide to using HTML and CSS to create websites learn step by step how to create HTML code and then apply CSS
WordPress essentials Step by Step setup and using WordPress
Crash course to learn how to setup WordPress and Use WordPress effectively. Get posting create your own website
MySQL PHP Database Essentials add a Database to your site
Learn the fundamentals of MySQL databases and phpMyAdmin and how to connect database to your PHP code
PHP Essential How to create build Amazing websites with PHP
Learn the foundations and features of why PHP code is so popular through this series of clear easy to follow lessons
Bootstrap Projects Responsive Design Essential Training Ultimate guide to quickly start creating website using bootstrap
JQuery Essentials core training for Dynamic Interactive web
Optimize Your web applications by Understanding how to apply jQuery. More effective and powerful code with jQuery
Quick JavaScript Core learning Course JavaScript Essentials JavaScript in 1 hour Essentials Training learn Core JavaScript coding step by step fundamentals of JavaScript quickly
Amazing JavaScript Code Examples From Scratch DOM coding
Learn how to use the JavaScript DOM to create dynamic web content and interactive web applications
JavaScript projects Welcome to the DOM Useful Code Snippets
Learn JavaScript for Beginners interactive web accessing the DOM Document Object Model
JavaScript Tricks how to create code projects from scratch Learn how to apply JavaScript to several projects. JavaScript Explained step by step in a real project
Bootstrap 4 Your Responsive website design just got easier
Learn how to apply Bootstrap 4 see whats changed from Bootstrap 3 Ultimate Front end Framework for Responsive Design
JavaScript Rockstar How to create Incredible Useful code
JavaScript learning with real world examples learn to code optimize development using the JavaScript DOM
Powerful Chrome DevTools Essential for Web Developers Guide to learning how to use Google’s Chrome DevTools. Code updates and saving files directly from Chrome
Successful website creation – everything you need to know
A-Z Guide to launching your own website. The entire process is explained how to pick a domain and setup a website
Complete Web Developer Course HTML CSS JavaScript PHP jQuery
Complete web developer Guide to websites working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Bootstrap, JQuery, MySQL and more
JavaScript 101 Gain insights how to code with JavaScript
Easy to follow Guide for JavaScript Beginners, learn how to use JavaScript the right way step by step learning
CSS beginner Easy way to Get started with better web design Easy to follow Guide for CSS Beginners, learn how to use CSS the right way step by step learning to apply CSS design
Discover HTML Essential guide to HTML how to create webpages HTML Essential Training Easy to follow Guide for HTML Beginners learn HTML step by step learning to create web pages
JavaScript project Learn to create a memory Game and more
Step by Step how to create your own game using JavaScript. See how JavaScript works application building project.
Interaction Design IxD tutorial Web Design Patterns Learn how to better design web content for interactive websites, anticipate user requirements and meet their needs
Ultimate guide to Social Media Web development integration
Add social sharing and social follow to your web content. Web Development Social Sharing Coding HTML JavaScript
JavaScript Introduction to Object Oriented JavaScript Learn about the JavaScript object model and using the concepts of object oriented programming in JavaScript.
Essentials of JavaScript Practice Coding Exercises Tips Guide to practicing and learning more about JavaScript. Review course on key essentials for JavaScript Coding
Easy Video Creation For Marketers and Businesses Complete Guide to using VideoMaker to create amazing videos in minutes.
Github introduction to version control and remote files Introduction guide to using Github starter commands to get going quickly
JavaScript AJAX PHP mySQL create a Dynamic web Form project
Use JavaScript and PHP to create a database submission AJAX form. Project using JSON AJAX PHP mySQL JavaScript together
Virtual Machine full localhost LAMP stack setup in minutes Guide to creating a virtual machine in under 5 minutes, WordPress localhost setup in minutes
Save time learn How to Setup a localhost machine in minutes Quick guide for setting up a localhost machine, run PHP to WordPress all on your computer without the need of a server
CSS3 Introduction web Building Blocks Fundamentals
A-Z Guide to using CSS and CSS3 to enhance your web pages. Save time using CSS let us show you what CSS can do.
Magic of CSS made easy learn Website Design with CSS CSS is a crucial part of the web development process Learn how to bring your HTML to life applying CSS to your web code
JavaScript HTML CSS Project make a Quiz Tutorial Practical guide to web development create your own dynamic JavaScript web applications HTML CSS Bootstrap JavaScript
Bootstrap unleash the power Rapid web development Complete Guide to using Bootstrap and creating mobile first responsive web pages. Future of web development is here.
Web Developer Course HTML CSS JavaScript Learn Web Design Guide to setting up a website learn about setting up a web business HTML CSS and JavaScript create your own website
Get started Creating Websites Everything you need provided
Everything you need to know on how to create your own websites even sell them for extra income. Online income made easy
jQuery Fundamentals Powerful Bootcamp for beginners Quality jQuery learning with no wasted time, jQuery is powerful to for web developers. JavaScript with examples
Responsive Design with NEW Materialize Mobile First Responsive Design – Learn to create a custom Responsive Web Site within minutes with Materialize Framework
You can create Incredible Websites with HTML CSS learn how
CSS and HTML working together to create web templates and more. Create a webpage from scratch web development course.
JavaScript DOM Dynamic Web interactive content Boot Camp
Modern Dynamic JavaScript makes your web developer content come to life user dynamic content customized for each user.
Get Results – Core Principles of Web Development Tricks Tips
Technology is ALWAYS changing we help you stay on top of future trends and techniques in web development
YouTube Thumbnails Power of Images for SEO Video Marketing
Create Powerful Thumbnails to DRIVE More Traffic to your Video. How to optimize your Videos for better SEO in Search
Learn to Create Professional Whiteboard Sketch Videos HD Start creating professional high quality videos that will grab attention – a new level of creation. Explaindio Tutorial
JavaScript Intro to learning JavaScript web programming Getting started with JavaScript Intro course for Beginners
HTML Learning the Basics Intro to HTML website coding This is a Guide for anyone who wants to start Learning more about website design and to learn about HTML code
Benefits of Thinking Mobile First Future of Website Design How to start thinking about mobile and why you should create your website with mobile in mind.

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