Level Up Your JavaScript Skills 15 Advanced Quiz Questions to Test Your Knowledge

Test Your JavaScript Knowledge 2

Ready to push your JavaScript expertise to the next level?

This quiz dives deep into advanced concepts, modern frameworks, and best practices. Test your understanding of:

  • Event delegation, throttling, and debouncing
  • Memoization, dynamic programming, and the event loop
  • Popular build tools, virtual DOM libraries, and state management
  • PWAs, TypeScript, curry, and immutability
  • Advanced testing practices, memory management, web APIs, and accessibility features

Challenge yourself and discover areas for improvement!

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How many questions about JavaScript can you answer? JavaScript Questions with Answers

Advanced JavaScript Concepts:

Explain the concept of event delegation in JavaScript.

Answer: Event delegation allows attaching a single event listener to a parent element and handling events triggered by child elements.

What is throttling and debouncing in JavaScript and how are they different?


Throttling: Limits the execution of a function to a specific rate.

Debouncing: Delays the execution of a function until a specified period of inactivity.

What are memoization and dynamic programming in JavaScript?


Memoization: Caches the results of a function to avoid repeated calculations.

Dynamic programming: Optimizes solutions by storing and reusing sub-problems.

Explain the concept of the event loop and how it works in JavaScript.

Answer: The event loop handles javascript execution by processing events and tasks in a queue.

What are web workers in JavaScript and how are they used?

Answer: Web workers are background threads that allow JavaScript code to run concurrently without blocking the main thread.

Modern JavaScript:

What are some popular JavaScript build tools and their functionalities?

Answer: Webpack, Rollup, Parcel. Bundling, minification, code splitting.

What are the benefits of using virtual DOM libraries in JavaScript?

Answer: Improves performance by minimizing DOM manipulation.

Explain the concept of state management in JavaScript applications.

Answer: Libraries like Redux and MobX help manage application state and ensure consistent data across components.

What are progressive web apps (PWAs) and how are they built?

Answer: Offline-capable web apps that utilize service workers and manifest files.

What is the purpose of using TypeScript with JavaScript?

Answer: Adds static typing to JavaScript, improving code clarity and preventing runtime errors.

Bonus JavaScript Questions:

What is curry in JavaScript and how is it used?

Answer: Curry breaks down a function into smaller functions with multiple arguments.

Explain the concept of immutability in JavaScript.

Answer: Data cannot be modified after creation, ensuring data consistency.

What is the difference between class and constructor in JavaScript?

Answer: class defines the blueprint for an object, while constructor initializes the object with properties and methods.

What are generators and iterators in JavaScript?


Generators: Functions that can pause and resume execution.

Iterators: Objects that provide a sequence of values.

What are some advanced testing practices in JavaScript?

Answer: Mocking, coverage reports, end-to-end testing, TDD (Test-Driven Development).