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Motivation Increase your productivity How to achieve’

If you set your mind to it you can achieve almost anything.

I created this course to share positive thoughts and energy with you.

I believe you can achieve your dreams – its one step at a time.

Lessons of the course cover – thinking positive and gaining positive results.

  1. Setting Goals  You need to have a target to achieve it
  2. Overcoming Failure – Don’t be afraid to fail
  3. Persistence – Nothing worthwhile comes easy Persistence Pays Off
  4. Your Body your Mind – Your body and health is important for your success
  5. Know yourself – Be honest with yourself
  6. Dealing with The outside influence – Don’t let others define you
  7. Time and making time – Everyone has the same amount of time in the day its how you use it that counts
  8. Problems and challenges that we face – Problems are just a challenge to succeed
  9. Why we make excuses – Excuses are easy but they hold you back
  10. Fear holding us still – What is fear holding you back from
  11. What is your Legacy and are you willing to try something new? – You can’t expect to do the same thing and expect different results
  12. Commit to change – One step at a time

The lessons of this course are about making changes, being positive and moving yourself forward to achieve your goals

I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to reach over 1 Million Students in my career

I’ve created a lot of web content and courses

I wanted to share what I’ve learned and how I keep going everyday working towards my goals

I’ve developed hundreds of applications, made hundreds of online games, taught over 1 million students, launched 100s of courses, and reached 100’s of millions of people. It all started with taking a chance, doing something different. This journey would never have been if it wasn’t for that one afternoon that I decided to make a change.

I often get asked – how do you do all of this, where did you start, I wish I could do this too.

You already know the answer, its perseverance, taking things step by step…

I’m going to share what keeps me going and how I stay motivated in the hopes that it helps you make a change, even if it’s just a nudge in the right direction.

  • You must be willing to change
  • Take a chance do something different
  • Take a risk
  • No waiting until tomorrow to do it now you never know where things lead.
  • To succeed you must be willing to fail that failure reveals the answers
  • If you don’t fail you haven’t tried
  • Finish what you start see it through to the end the results may surprise you
  • No more excuses only actions will make a difference
  • Start now don’t wait for tomorrow
  • Habits can change your life
  • What we carry with us is who we are
  • You need to take risks be that person
  • Stand up shout I’m ready to make a change – and you will be ready as letting go of that hesitation is already the first step to getting it done.


Repetition to learn it well – become a habit

Change is Hard

You have to want to change

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