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In December 2020 Google released the ALL new Apps Script Editor. Its got a cleaner look, all in one page navigation menu, and easier than ever to write code. New code hints and options that were lacking in the legacy version.

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  • Better and modern interface
  • Options to indent and beautify code
  • Cleaner code options
  • Easier to access menu items
  • Better access to all the project details
  • More powerful code suggestions, with code examples
  • Command palette full of useful commands
  • Debugging and error checking improved
  • Full JavaScript compatibility – ES6+ and also console.log can be used interchangeably with Logger.log

New Courses highlighting the powerful new IDE

Explore the new Google Apps Script IDE new features to rapidly developer Code for Google Services

FREE Course Get started with Apps Script

Google Apps Script – Quick introduction to writing code with the Google Apps Script IDE – online code editor

New features as well as how to use the Google Apps Script Editor

Create Google Code – application development in the Google Workspace platform.

Google Apps Script is based on JavaScript – if you can write JavaScript Code then you can write code connecting Google workspace Services to increase productivity and automation.  Power up your Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drive, Gmail and others

Apps Script is a rapid application development platform that makes it fast and easy to create business applications that integrate with G Suite.

  • Quick start guide to getting started coding Google Apps Script
  • How to create Google Apps Script Projects Standalone and Bound Script projects
  • Code examples of Google Apps Script
  • Google WorkSpace Services Examples of Apps Script Code in Action
  • Brief document and helpful resources for coding Google Apps Script
  • Navigate the Google Apps Script Editor IDE online
  • Debugging tips and resources how to debug Google Apps Script Code
  • How to Autocomplete Apps Script Code making coding easier suggestions and tips
  • Options in the IDE for triggers and logs Menu LeftSide Nav Apps Script
  • Using Apps Script Libraries and Services
  • How to create an Apps Script Project Library Deploy Library Apps Script.
  • How to deploy a webapp with Apps Script doGet Apps Script Web App Deploy.
  • More advanced options and customization options Apps Script IDE Features
  • Code examples and source code included

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