New KickStarter Massive AJAX Course

One of the most common questions I get asked is about using JSON data within web pages.

I’ve setup and plan to launch a new course all about AJAX JSON and DOM element manipulation.This is going to be a large course with lots and lots of content

Get is here first –

I have 30 projects planned and will be showing you how to connect to a number of open web apis so that you can write code – get data and practice connecting to API endpoints.

The course proposal is LIVE on kickstarter – Help support this new project so that I can bring it here

Learning Projects include the list below – I have samples and examples ready.

  1. Create a dynamic list JSON LocalStorage List – project #1
  2. Create AJAX to Simple JSON file and get JSON with JavaScript – project #2
  3. AJAX to get JSON data from Wiki API – project #3
  4. JSON from WikiMap API examples with JavaScript Code – project #4
  5. Multiple Endpoint Loading JSON data Tester – project #5
  6. Generate Random User Data Output to Page AJAX and JS Random User API 5 – project #6
  7. Weather Data App with API JSON data – project #7
  8. Jokes API get fun Jokes for Web Page Content – project #8
  9. Interactive App with Star Wars Data – project #9
  10. Dynamic Data driven Trivia DataBase Game – project #10
  11. Stackexchange API tester Request JSON – project #11
  12. Select Country Data from API – project #12
  13. User Search Country by Name get JSON data – project #13
  14. Introduction to JavaScript Quiz Game Project – project #14
  15. Creating a Joke Generating Web page from JSON data – project #15
  16. Project multiple endpoints for JSON data user selected content. – project #16
  17. Project connecting to the Github API loading JSON data – project #17
  18. Generate interactive Game with Dynamic Wordlist – project #18
  19. Quiz Game with JavaScript and AJAX – project #19
  20. YouTube Search API with JavaScript Connect to API – project #20
  21. Frontend API Tester connecting to Endpoints – project #21
  22. Get and POST Tester API JSON JavaScript – project #22
  23. Form Submission with JavaScript fetch JSON data – project #23
  24. JSON placeholder tester JSON JavaScript – project #24
  25. Dynamic Content interactive CRUD tester Part 1 – project #25
  26. GitHub json database custom JSON endpoint – project #26
  27. Setup JSON Local Server with Node NPM – project #27
  28. Connect to Local Server Get and Post Requests with Fetch – project #28
  29. Connect to Local Server Put and Delete Requests with Fetch project #29
  30. JavaScript AJAX web contact form sending Emails with Apps Script project #30

Have a wonderful day

Thank you for your support


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