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How to Set Up GitPages within GitHub quick Git getting started guide local to GitHub files

Git and GitHub Pages Quick Setup GuideGo to and create an account. Then setup a new repository. Click the Green Code button in the drop down menu to get the HTTPS URL for the repo. You will need this to clone the repo to your local machine. Open your editor, I am using … Read more

How to create a simple JavaScript game from scratch Lock Combo Guessing Game with source code

Lock Combo Guessing Game Dynamic number of lock slots, guess the correct combination to open the lock. When the guess is incorrect the background of the lock slot will be blue for too low and red for too high. Use the hints to select and guess the correct values for each slot. Once all the … Read more

Randomize Array values in place with sort() method in JavaScript

Randomize Array values in place with sort() method in JavaScript Use the sort method in JavaScript, notice the difference in values using a positive one and a negative one value in the return of the anonymous function within the sort parameters.  If you use Math random to return randomly a negative or positive value this … Read more

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