Apps Script Lesson Select Emails using Regex on Doc Body text apply style for highlighting selection

Highlight emails in a Doc using Regex on Doc Body Contents Select all matching results from a Regex for email patterns.  Creates an array of the emails contained in the doc, then applies styling to the email.  Highlight the matching results with a yellow background and black text. function onOpen(){  DocumentApp.getUi()  .createMenu(’emails’)  .addItem(‘Highlight’,’highlighter’)  .addToUi() } … Read more

Top Online Courses March 2022 New Updates Highest Rated Best Sellers

New Updated content for 2022 now includes 3 New downloadable PDF guides! New Courses, updated content, Free PDF guides and more Learn Today #javaScript #GoogleApps #AppsScript #webdev #webdevelopment #webapplication #webapp #webdesign #webdeveloper #html5 #css #frontenddeveloper #html #content #courses #lessons new 2022!!! coupons for Udemy courses for the next 3 days only!!!! Learn JavaScript Quick start … Read more

JavaScript Arrays 2 Downloadable Source Code Guides code examples

Clear Array of Duplicates and empty values const arr = [‘Laurence’,’Jack’,’Jane’,”,,,,’Sam’,’Laurence’,’Jack’,’Jane’,”,null,false,undefined,0,’Sam’]; console.log(arr); const arr1 = [… new Set(arr)]; console.log(arr1); const arr2 = arr.filter(Boolean); console.log(arr2); const arr3 = [… new Set(arr.filter(Boolean))]; console.log(arr3); How to loop through an array const arr = [‘Laurence’,’Linda’,’Joe’,’Jane’]; console.log(arr); console.log(‘****FOR’); for(let i=0;i<arr.length;i++){    console.log(arr[i]); } console.log(‘****WHILE’); let i=0; while(i<arr.length){    console.log(arr[i]);    i++; } console.log(‘****ForEach’); … Read more

Updated AJAX Course Content AJAX for beginners explore JavaScript Requests to APIs

New course updates learn AJAX AJAX requests with JavaScript coding examples Explore AJAX and how you can use AJAX to connect to web API endpoints and get Data. Load JSON data from external sources with JavaScript. XHR object and modern JavaScript fetch to make requests Example of how AJAX can be used to update … Read more

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