Create a Responsive Website from scratch Quickly and easily use Media Query CSS lesson Free styling

CSS setting Media Query with Final CSS style UpdatesResize and stack columns as rows on screen sizes less than 640px. Add the media query and make adjustments to the look and feel of the website on smaller screens. Test out the styling and preview how it adjusts to different size screens. Use the placeholder content … Read more

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Get the complete course here How to create a website from Scratch HTML and CSS Includes a 48 Page Downloadable PDF guide with source code and lesson resources. Course lessons include Tools web developer Setup and coding create HTML index page Basics setup of HTML structure and planning of content HTML structure adding page … Read more

Apps Script Lesson Select Emails using Regex on Doc Body text apply style for highlighting selection

Highlight emails in a Doc using Regex on Doc Body Contents Select all matching results from a Regex for email patterns.  Creates an array of the emails contained in the doc, then applies styling to the email.  Highlight the matching results with a yellow background and black text. function onOpen(){  DocumentApp.getUi()  .createMenu(’emails’)  .addItem(‘Highlight’,’highlighter’)  .addToUi() } … Read more

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