Introduction to JavaScript Fundamentals

Introduction to JavaScript Fundamentals Core Principles and Fundamentals of JavaScript In this section, we delve into the core principles and peculiarities that define JavaScript as a dynamic and versatile programming language. From understanding the intricacies of data type coercion to mastering the modern syntax introduced in ES6, our journey will equip you with the knowledge … Read more

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About the author Laurence is a best selling online Instructor, Google Developer Expert who has a passion for all things technology. He enjoys sharing knowledge, discussing digital technology and programming. As an experienced developer, Laurence created his first computer applications in the 1990s. Laurence enjoys sharing knowledge with others and having the opportunity to help … Read more

New Book Launched Web Development Essentials HTML CSS and JavaScript Explained

New Book Launched Web Development Essentials: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Explained: Grow your skills with answers to what you need to know, Unlocking the secrets to Web … Answered about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript “Web Development Essentials: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Explained” adopts an innovative question-and-answer format to teach the intricacies of web development, making … Read more

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Laurence Svekis is an esteemed web developer, online educator, and entrepreneur, distinguished for his dynamic contributions to the field of technology and digital learning. With a career spanning over two decades in developing web applications, he has become a cornerstone in the online educational sphere, teaching programming courses and sharing his extensive knowledge with a … Read more

Laurence Svekis Google Expert at Tepic Mexico

Thank you for having me speak at the event 🙂 Some details and pictures below Laurence Svekis, Google Expert at Tepic GDEs come from diverse backgrounds. They are developers, founders, mothers, activists and much more. What they have in common is that they are passionate professionals with experience in Google technology who enjoy sharing … Read more

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BC DevFest 2023 by Google Developer Groups Burnaby hashtag#devfest hashtag#devfest2023 hashtag#gdg hashtag#gde hashtag#workspace hashtag#appscript Thank you for having me as a speaker at devfest 2023 in BC On November 25th 2023 DevFest 2023 by GDG Burnaby 🏔️🍁🌆 🎊Northeastern University in Vancouver, 410 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, V6B 1Z3 GDG Burnaby An immersive summit for visionary … Read more