Automate Your Daily Tasks with Google Sheets and Apps Script A Complete Tutorial

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Responding to User Input Interactive Drawing with HTML5 Canvas & JavaScript

Responding to User Input Draw a line on the canvas in response to user mouse movements code is below. canvas.addEventListener(‘mousemove’, function(event) {     const x = event.offsetX;     const y = event.offsetY;     ctx.lineTo(x, y);     ctx.stroke(); }); Explanation: An event listener for mousemove is added to the canvas. The offsetX and offsetY properties of the event provide the … Read more

Setting Line Width

Change the width of a line on the canvas The lineWidth property of the context ctx sets the width of lines drawn in the future. This value is set before drawing shapes like lines or circles. const canvas = document.querySelector(‘#myCanvas’); const ctx = canvas.getContext(‘2d’); ctx.beginPath(); ctx.moveTo(-35,-7); ctx.lineTo(300,100); ctx.lineWidth = 14; ctx.stroke(); The code ctx.lineWidth = … Read more

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Transform Your Attendance Management with Google Apps Script

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