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There are a number of projects to select from that will be covered in the course lessons.  The attached PDF will list out project and the steps to create the project from scratch.  S

Project #1 – Deploy a web app  – using Google Apps Script – create a Web app and output content from your apps script.  You can screenshot the web app output or link to it directly to submit the project

Project #2 – Create a PDF and email the dynamic PDF to your email.  The data to create the PDF should come from your Spreadsheet.   Render the Spreadsheet data as HTML and then create a blob, which will then be used to generate the PDF on the fly.   Send the email with the PDF attachment.  To submit this project, either submit your source code, the generated PDF or the screenshot of the code in action.

As a class project please create your Google Apps Script Application, which can be submitted using a screenshot, code on github, or link to the web app URL.  Share you code with source code, a screenshot of your results, a project overview of what it can do or a link to the project as a web app within Google Apps Script so that your project can be reviewed.  Please upload and provide your project.

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