Free 174page PDF Guide to JavaScript Code Examples

Guide to JavaScript
JavaScript is a high-level, dynamic, and interpreted programming language. It is used to add interactivity and other dynamic elements to websites.

The console in JavaScript
JavaScript Comments
Data Types:
JavaScript Data Types
Arithmetic Operations:
Conditional Statements:
JavaScript Loops:
JavaScript Arrays
JavaScript Objects
How to output a table into the console
JavaScript String Methods
JavaScript Number Methods
JavaScript Math
Example : Array
Example: Object
Conditional Statements:
Example: Simple Function
Example: Conditional Statement
String Methods:
Ternary Operators:
Using if statements:
Using the switch statement:
Example of switch statements:
Using an object to store data:
Using a function to define a reusable piece of code:
Anonymous Functions:
Arrow Functions:
Example: For Loop
While Loops:
Using a for loop to iterate through an array:
Using a while loop to calculate the factorial of a number:
Using the for loop:
Using the while loop:
For-of Loop:
Array Methods:
Object Destructuring:
Spread Operator:
Using the Date object:
Example of Date object:
Using the Math object:
Example of Math object:
Using try and catch statements:
Try-catch statement Example:
Using the map() method:
Using the filter() method:
Using the reduce() method:
Using the Array.includes() method:
Using a class to define a blueprint for creating objects:
Example: Higher-Order Function
Example: Closure
Example: Destructuring
Example: Promises
Example: Generators
Example: Asynchronous Iteration
Example: Map and Set
Example: WeakMap and WeakSet
Example: Object Destructuring
Example: Class and Inheritance
JavaScript Classes
Regular Expression (RegExp)
Best Practices JavaScript Code
closure in JavaScript
hoisting in JavaScript
difference between null and undefined in JavaScript
difference between a for loop and forEach in JavaScript
difference between == and === in JavaScript
Coding Function that returns a sum of the elements
Function that takes an array of strings returns string lengths
strict mode example
Use const and let
Use Arrows functions
Use Destructuring to get values from arrays
Use template literals
Use forEach over for loop
use of higher-order functions
Avoid Global Variables
Avoid Naming Collisions
Initialize variables with default values
Use spread operator
Use of default parameters
Use rest operator
Use object literals
Use destructuring with rest operator
Use of async/await
Use destructuring with default values
Use named exports
Use object spread operator
Use try/catch
Use ternary operator
Use named export/import
forEach Array
JavaScript Map function
JavaScript Filter
Check if number is an integer
Is the string a palindrome
Reverse a String
Find the largest number in an array
Check Object Property
Common Elements in two Arrays
Function takes an array and returns a new array with only even numbers
Function that takes array of objects and returns specific property values
Function that returns largest number from the array
Function returning array of objects and unique values
Function that returns squares of array numbers
Function that returns new string with specific occurrences removed
Function returns new array of strings with 5 characters
Use let and const instead of var
Use template literals
Use arrow functions
Use destructuring
Use spread operator
Use map, filter, and reduce
JavaScript Closure Explained
JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
JavaScript Create Element List
Create an interactive table list of item object values from a JavaScript array.
How to Create Page Elements with JavaScript
Create Page Elements with JavaScript
Coding Example of how to insert page content , html elements into your DOM page.
JavaScript Async Code Examples
JavaScript Closure
JavaScript Closure Advanced
JavaScript Image Gallery and Dynamic Image Gallery using page classes or create page elements on the fly with code
Dynamic Image Gallery
HTTP request in Javascript Get JSON data with xhr method and fetch methods
How to add Fade Out and Fade in to page elements pure JavaScript
How to create page HTML elements with JavaScript code append prepend before after pure JavaScript
Regex Checking for Numbers in the input field